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Fixture Reports

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Details 09.10.2020Kerr's Miniature Railway, Arbroath
Details 26.09.2020The Gronk Chaser
Details 15.09.2020Hunts Cross to Aintree CLC Trackbed Walk
Details 07.09.2020Bury - Holcombe Brook walk,
Details 31.08.2020BLS Scunthorpe Steel Works 21 vs. Covid-19 (home win)
Details 30.08.2020Silverleaf Poplar Light Railway
Details 13.03.2020The Little North Western Grid,
Details 09.03.2020The Park Royal Parkinson
Details 08.03.2020The Devonian Crompton
Details 07.03.2020The Fenny Crompton
Details 14.02.2020Haltwhistle - Wetheral Signal Box Visits - Part 4
Details 14.02.2020Haltwhistle - Wetheral Signal Box Visits - Part 3
Details 14.02.2020Haltwhistle - Wetheral Signal Box Visits - Part 2
Details 14.02.2020Haltwhistle - Wetheral Signal Box Visits - Part 1
Details 25.01.2020The Boaty McBoatface
Details 25.01.2020Manchester, Railway Walk
Details 04.01.2020Scunthorpe Steel Works Cold Steel Tracker
Details 14.12.2019The BLS Mxs, Men & Women of Steel - Redcar British Steel ('temporary') Closure
Details 13.12.2019South Wales Signal Box Visits - Day 2
Details 12.12.2019Radyr & Abercynon Signal Boxes
Details 08.12.2019The Bootle Brush
Details 17.11.2019The Roundhouse Rotator
Details 17.11.2019Sherwood Forest Railway
Details 16.11.2019AGM Evening Presentations
Details 16.11.2019The AGM Roundhouse Explorer
Details 15.11.2019The North Derbyshire AGM Warm Up
Details 26.10.2019Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway
Details 26.10.2019The Isfield Investigator
Details 23.10.2019The Kernow Funicular
Details 12.10.2019The Sandwich Deal
Details 06.10.2019Ffarwelio â Phacer Cymoedd Caerdydd (Cardiff Valleys Pacer Farewell Tour)
Details 22.09.2019South Hampshire Minor Railways - Day 2 - The Hayling Taxi
Details 22.09.2019The Birmingham Balti Bash
Details 21.09.2019South Hampshire Minor Railways - Day 1 - The Brickies Lament
Details 14.09.2019The Breckland Freighter
Details 26.08.2019Scunthorpe Steeler No19
Details 10.08.2019How easy is it to run a train to Portsmouth? Type 3 to the Sea - Part 3
Details 10.08.2019How easy is it to run a train to Portsmouth? Type 3 to the Sea - The Prologue Part 2
Details 10.08.2019How easy is it to run a train to Portsmouth? Type 3 to the Sea - The Prologue Part 1
Details 28.07.2019The Steel City Special
Details 28.07.2019The Branch Line Society Carinthia Explorer; Day 3
Details 27.07.2019The Branch Line Society Carinthia Explorer; Day 2
Details 26.07.2019The Branch Line Society Carinthia Explorer; Part 4
Details 26.07.2019The Branch Line Society Carinthia Explorer; Day 1,
Details 26.07.2019Welsh Marches Signal Box Visits
Details 20.07.2019The Luca Pezzulo Express
Details 07.07.2019BLS Devon Service Train Tracker
Details 29.06.2019Seaton Tramway
Details 28.06.2019Blyth & Tyne Signal Box Visits - Part 2
Details 28.06.2019Blyth & Tyne Signal Box Visits - Part 1
Details 12.06.2019The BLS Liverpool Saveaway Tracker
Details 01.06.2019The Royal Runabout
Details 01.06.2019Exbury Eucryphia
Details 19.05.2019Island of Ireland IV Day 4 - The Cork Stopper
Details 17.05.2019Island of Ireland IV Day 2
Details 16.05.2019Island of Ireland IV Day 1
Details 14.04.2019South Cheshire Miniatures
Details 13.04.2019The Rossington Recycler,
Details 30.03.2019St Michael(')s Meander
Details 23.03.2019Marching Crompton II
Details 23.03.2019The Weymouth Walkabout
Details 10.03.2019Bristol Miniatures,
Details 01.03.2019Shrewsbury Signal Boxes visits (2)
Details 24.02.2019The South Gosforth Avoider,
Details 23.02.2019Woodhorn Wanderer
Details 08.02.2019BLS Bowesfield Area Signal Box Visits
Details 03.02.2019The Looe Brush
Details 02.02.2019The Positioning Move
Details 26.01.2019The Blackpool Balloon
Details 05.01.2019Scunthorpe Cold Steel Tracker
Details 08.12.2018Carnforth Charity Charter Cracker
Details 25.11.2018Highland Line Signal Box Visits (2)
Details 04.11.2018The Ruby Vampire, a steward's viewpoint.
Details 31.10.2018Chesterfield Roundabout Railway Walk
Details 28.10.2018The Ruby Shoesday Railtour
Details 27.10.2018Ciné Film presentation
Details 27.10.2018Middleton Behind the Scenes Tours;
Details 27.10.2018AGM Middleton Railway
Details 26.10.2018National Coal Mining Museum for England, Caphouse Colliery
Details 26.10.2018Kirklees Light Railway (KLR)
Details 21.10.2018Andover Anchovy
Details 18.10.2018Derby New Track Tracker
Details 12.10.2018Anglesey Signal Box Visits
Details 30.09.2018'Ribblesdale Rider' Clitheroe Cement Works Railtours,
Details 29.09.2018Coate Water Warbler,
Details 29.09.2018Llangollen Shunter Shuttle
Details 09.09.2018Animal Tracker II
Details 08.09.2018The Royal Garden Party,
Details 27.08.2018The Marching Crompton Railtour
Details 25.08.2018Blenheim Park Railway
Details 25.08.2018The Beeches Light Railway
Details 18.08.2018Summer Scunthorpe Steeler tour No16
Details 05.08.2018Invergarry & Fort Augustus Railway
Details 04.08.2018Wester Pickston Railway
Details 03.08.2018North Wales signalboxes Part III
Details 02.08.2018Spa Valley Railway
Details 21.07.2018AV Dawson II … Let them eat cake!
Details 20.07.2018The East Midlands Wheelbarrow
Details 12.07.2018Cornwall STP Tracker, Day 2
Details 11.07.2018Cornwall STP Tracker, Day 1
Details 01.07.2018Ketton Osprey Explorer
Details 22.06.2018Conwy Valley Signal Box Visits,
Details 14.06.2018The Nosey Peaker Railtour
Details 10.06.2018The Sopwith Camel
Details 09.06.2018Bentley Miniature Railway
Details 09.06.2018Great Bush Railway,
Details 02.06.2018BLS/PLEG Arlington Explorer
Details 06.05.2018Island of Ireland III Day 4; The Fairview Fáilte (Welcome)
Details 05.05.2018Island of Ireland III Day 3; All the way to Galway,
Details 04.05.2018Borderline Signalbox visits,
Details 04.05.2018Island of Ireland III Day 2
Details 03.05.2018Island of Ireland III Day 1
Details 03.05.2018Calder Valley Signal Box Visits
Details 28.04.2018The Inverclyde First Aider
Details 21.04.2018Gwili Railway, Abigail's Outing
Details 20.04.2018BLS Central/Northern Finland freight line railtour
Details 07.04.20184 Kingdoms Adventure Park Railway
Details 24.03.2018Hotham Park Railway, Bognor Regis
Details 24.03.2018The Sussex Salopian
Details 08.03.2018BLS North Wales Coast Signal Boxes Farewell
Details 07.03.2018Saltmarshe - Hull Signal Box Visits
Details 25.02.2018The Tanfield Terminator
Details 25.02.2018The Metro Meanderer
Details 13.02.2018Saltmarshe - Hull Signal Box Visits
Details 21.01.2018Return to Thompson Park - The Burnley & Pendle MRS
Details 21.01.2018The Haigh Hall-ier
Details 06.01.2018Cold Steel Tracker
Details 17.12.2017The Grand Farewell - A Grand Day Out
Details 02.12.2017The Christmas Brush
Details 19.11.2017The Whitechapel Wayfarer
Details 18.11.20172017 AGM - Ciné Film Presentation
Details 18.11.2017Lakeside Miniature Railway, Southport
Details 17.11.2017Tarleton Branch Walk
Details 17.11.2017Windmill Farm Railway
Details 17.11.2017West Lancashire Light Railway
Details 25.10.2017Ashover Light Railway Walk
Details 21.10.2017Heaton Park Tramway - The Park Sparks
Details 14.10.2017The Barn Stormer - Statfold Barn Railway
Details 08.10.2017Along Lilliput Lines
Details 07.10.2017Animal Tracker
Details 30.09.2017Aston Signalling Centre Visits
Details 24.09.2017The 'Other' Deeside Line (Llangollen Railway)
Details 23.09.2017The Southeastern Metrolander
Details 22.09.2017Liverpool Lime Street Signalbox visit
Details 10.09.2017Sandbach to Alsager trackbed walk
Details 10.09.2017Sandiway Miniature Railway
Details 09.09.2017The Greendale Rocket
Details 03.09.2017The Showground Shunter
Details 03.09.2017The Baggeridge Burrower
Details 02.09.2017The 565 Special
Details 20.08.2017Yorkshire Minor Railways
Details 29.07.2017Mid-Suffolk Signal Box Visits
Details 22.07.2017The Rothley Rodder
Details 15.07.2017The Pickering Paxman - Part 2
Details 15.07.2017The Pickering Paxman - Part 1
Details 28.06.2017Kennet Day Ranger Tracker
Details 25.06.2017Dawson's Duo - Middlesbrough Goods (with Molly!)
Details 17.06.2017The Anglian Chauffeured Shacker
Details 15.06.2017The Cat & Dock
Details 14.06.2017Rudyard Lake Steam Railway
Details 14.06.2017Leek to Rushton Spencer Trackbed Walk
Details 04.06.2017Class 319 Farewell / Cauldwell Depot Salute
Details 03.06.2017Preston Walk
Details 24.05.2017Basingstoke SWT/NR Campus
Details 18.05.2017The Island of Ireland Tracker 2
Details 14.05.2017Titley Junction Railway
Details 14.05.2017Moreton Park Railway
Details 10.05.2017Jordan Railtour
Details 07.05.2017The Vallum Hadriani Tracker
Details 06.05.2017Scunthorpe 'Steel Spring' Tracker
Details 05.05.2017Blackpool Line Signal Box Visits
Details 22.04.2017Y Triongl Gogledd Cymru
Details 19.04.2017Ashover Light Railway Walk
Details 09.04.2017Bubble and Squeak Tracker
Details 05.04.2017RCTS Visit to GWR Operations Training & Development Centre
Details 18.03.2017Bound for Craigy
Details 12.03.2017Southern Class 442 Farewell
Details 17.02.2017Teesside Signal Box Visits
Details 16.02.2017Crossrail Old Oak Common Depot visit
Details 15.01.2017The Barrow Hill Roundabout II
Details 14.01.2017The Vossloh Voyager
Details 07.01.2017Scunthorpe New Year Steel Tracker
Details 26.11.2016Eastleigh Area Signalling Centre (ASC)
Details 20.11.2016Penrhyn Quarry Railway
Details 19.11.2016Fisherman's Friend
Details 06.11.2016The Colonel Stephens Explorer, Kent & East Sussex Railway (K&ESR)
Details 04.11.2016Epping Ongar Railway - 'The Clickety Click'
Details 23.10.2016Crich Tramway Village Tracker II
Details 23.10.2016Goodluck Mine Explorer
Details 14.10.2016West Midlands Service Train Tracker
Details 07.10.2016The Cliffe Hopper - mainline tour from Crewe featuring a trip round Rugeley Power Station
Details 06.10.2016North Staffs Signal Boxes
Details 02.10.2016Apedale Valley Light Railway
Details 30.09.2016Royal Victoria Railway, Netley
Details 30.09.2016Eastleigh Lake Railway
Details 25.09.2016Wensleydale Wilton Shunter Spectacular
Details 23.09.2016Douglas Bay Horse Tramway
Details 18.09.2016The Fancott Flyer / Summerfields Special
Details 10.09.2016The Donegal Discoverer
Details 04.09.2016Signet Solutions (Derby RTC)
Details 29.08.2016A Tale of Two Ports - mainline tour from Crewe featuring a trip to the Port of Sunderland
Details 28.08.2016Weston Wharf Navigator
Details 21.08.2016Mountsorrel walk
Details 20.08.2016Harrogate to York Signal Box Visits
Details 17.08.2016Raynes Park Electrical Control Room (SEG)
Details 13.08.2016The Wycombe Wanderer - mainline tour of some of the Chiltern Railways network
Details 19.07.2016Derby 'Friargate Line' walk and visit to DCR's Control Room
Details 19.07.2016Derby Roundhouse guided tour
Details 03.07.2016TPE Class 170 Farewell Tracker - mainline tour from Manchester to Cleethorpes
Details 02.07.20168D Blackpool Tramway Tour
Details 02.07.2016TPE Turbo Prop Tracker - evening mainline tour around the Manchester area
Details 24.06.2016Hitchin pre-Grouping walk
Details 24.06.2016Docklands Explorer
Details 23.06.2016The Achilles Heel Trekker - one-way mainline tour from Crewe to Wembley Central
Details 16.06.2016Middleton Modeller
Details 11.06.2016The High Flyer - Leadhills & Wanlockhead Railway
Details 10.06.2016Glaschu Service Train Tracker
Details 03.06.2016Scottish Minor Railway Weekend, Wester Pickston Railway & Karen's Little Railway
Details 31.05.2016Sutton Coldfield MES (SCMES) - Private Little Hay Railway
Details 22.05.2016Northern Ireland Long Weekend Part 3
Details 21.05.2016Northern Ireland Long Weekend Part 2
Details 20.05.2016Northern Ireland Long Weekend Part 1
Details 10.05.2016LU District Line Cabins
Details 30.04.2016Southern Area Signalling Centres (ASC)
Details 10.04.2016The Caledonia Casualty
Details 09.04.2016Shrewsbury Area Signal Box Visits
Details 02.04.2016Malton Line Signal Box Visits
Details 02.04.2016Bury Bubble II
Details 31.03.2016Sherwood Forest Forager
Details 31.03.2016The Tramway Village Tracker
Details 28.03.2016Scunthorpe Steeltracker Eggstravaganza
Details 19.03.2016City of Newport Model Engineering Society
Details 19.03.2016Pontypool & Blaenavon Director
Details 18.03.2016The Didcot Deviations
Details 06.03.2016Northern Tracker - mainline tour from Manchester to Neville Hill
Details 05.03.2016Southend-on-Sea Visits
Details 27.02.2016North Midlands Tracker - mainline tour from Crewe to East Leake and Barrow Hill
Details 07.02.2016Third Rail Centenary Tracker - mainline tour of Merseyrail network
Details 06.02.2016Wirral Wire Wanderer
Details 24.01.2016Kylie's Captain Specials, NRM Shildon
Details 23.01.2016EDF Tracker - mainline tour from Carnforth to Cleethorpes
Details 12.12.2015Reading Model Engineers Society
Details 05.12.2015Banbury Signal Box Visits
Details 15.11.2015The Tyne & Tees Tracker - mainline tour from York to Newcastle and Middlesbrough
Details 13.11.201560th AGM & Fixtures
Details 07.11.2015RBF Tracker - mainline tour from Waterloo to Weymouth
Details 24.10.2015Ribble Ramble
Details 17.10.2015Derby Railway Technical Centre, Signet Solutions
Details 11.10.2015The Romney Marsh Tracker
Details 11.10.2015Tenterden Town Tracker
Details 10.10.2015First Devon and Exeter Explorer
Details 04.10.2015KEG, Pinewood Miniature Railway
Details 03.10.2015West Somerset Railway, Norton Triangle by Steam
Details 01.10.2015Metropolitan Line Signal Cabins Part 2
Details 20.09.2015Kentrail Enthusiasts Group Visits
Details 19.09.2015Scunthorpe Steel Tracker
Details 04.09.2015Aberdeen Angus - Strathspey, Caledonian and Royal Deeside Railways
Details 22.08.2015The Frimley Flyer (Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway)
Details 16.08.2015Rugby Fixtures
Details 15.08.2015Severn Valley Railway Signalling Weekend
Details 13.08.2015Valley Lines Tracker
Details 08.08.2015Chemin de Fer Touristique du Sud des Ardennes
Details 01.08.2015Norfolk Broads Signal Box Visit
Details 30.07.2015Spa Valley Railway Rambler
Details 19.07.2015Bury Bubble Tracker
Details 18.07.2015Romford & Upminster Visits
Details 12.07.2015Thameslink Tracker - mainline tour of some of Thameslink's network
Details 10.07.2015Dove Nest Diviner
Details 10.07.2015North British Nibbler 2, Saughtree Station
Details 10.07.2015North British Nibbler 1, Whitrope Heritage Centre
Details 28.06.2015Kirkby-in-Ashfield Railway Walk
Details 28.06.2015Millfield Private Railway
Details 27.06.2015Orchard Miniature Railway
Details 27.06.2015Coventry Electric Railway Museum
Details 27.06.2015Fairfield Lake & Smite Brook Railway
Details 21.06.2015The Great Glen, Glenfinnan Station, Museum & Signal Box
Details 20.06.2015Nairn to Huntly Signal Box Visits
Details 14.06.2015Grantchester Woodland Railway
Details 11.06.2015Coalville Area Trackbed Walk
Details 11.06.2015Snibston Farewell
Details 07.06.2015The Concrete Conqueror Cracker - industrial line tour of Ketton Cement Works
Details 08.05.2015Channel Islands Long Weekend
Details 03.05.2015Moreton-on-Lugg & Titley Junction
Details 02.05.2015The Paignton Pink Panther Potter
Details 02.05.2015The FGW Laira Liaison
Details 01.05.2015Tyne & Wear Metro Control Centre
Details 27.04.2015Keighley & Worth Valley Railway (II)
Details 25.04.2015Essex Signal Box Visits
Details 19.04.2015S&C Desiro Tracker - mainline tour
Details 17.04.2015West Somerset Railway Wayfarer - No.2 & No.3
Details 08.04.2015Rugby Area Railway Walk (2)
Details 13.03.2015Wissington Wanderer
Details 08.03.2015Chasewater Track Chaser
Details 06.03.2015Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway
Details 02.03.2015London Underground Signal Cabin Visits
Details 28.02.2015Scunthorpe Steel Tracker
Details 20.02.2015Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway
Details 18.01.2015750V Tracker - mainline tour of Merseyrail network
Details 26.12.2014Great Bulkington Railway
Details 21.12.2014BLS / L&CI Yuletide Tracker
Details 29.11.2014 Bodmin & Wenford Railway
Details 28.11.2014Visit to Imerys Installations
Details 23.11.2014Strathspey Railway
Details 22.11.2014Highland Main Line Signal Boxes
Details 19.11.2014Wolverhampton & Saltley PSBs
Details 19.11.2014Stafford Signal Box Visits
Details 30.10.20142014 AGM Fixtures
Details 26.10.2014West Somerset Railway
Details 25.10.2014Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, Woody Bay
Details 17.10.2014Swindon & Cricklade Railway
Details 11.10.2014The Chord and Quay Tracker - mainline tour from Carnforth to Hull Docks
Details 04.10.2014North Lincolnshire Signal Box Visits
Details 21.09.2014Ticknall Tramway Walk
Details 14.09.2014Barrow Hill Roundhouse Roundabout
Details 20.08.2014Derby, Litchurch Lane Works
Details 02.08.2014Semaphore & Sidings Tracker - mainline tour from Birmingham to Banbury
Details 30.07.2014Wolverhampton & Saltley PSBs
Details 30.07.2014Stafford Signal Box Visits
Details 31.05.2014Chesterfield Area Fixtures - Barrow Hill Roundhouse, Chesterfield & District Model Engineers, and Queen's Park Railway
Details 18.05.2014Cumbria Long Weekend, Day 3 - South Tynedale Railway and Threlkeld Quarry
Details 17.05.2014Cumbria Long Weekend, Day 2- Eden Valley Railway, Stainmore Railway, and Millerbeck Light RailwayLight Railway"
Details 16.05.2014Cumbria Long Weekend, Day 1 - Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway & West Cumbria Guild of Model Engineers
Details 10.05.2014Great Western Tracker III - mainline tour of the South West
Details 26.04.2014The Clyde Race Tracker - mainline tour from Manchester to Glasgow
Details 19.04.2014South Telford Walk
Details 12.04.2014Fancott Railway
Details 12.04.2014Leighton Buzzard Flying Sander
Details 09.04.2014Wembley & Watford Signal Boxes
Details 23.03.2014Statfold Barn Railway
Details 08.03.2014Nene Valley Railway
Details 22.02.2014Mid Hants Railway
Details 30.01.2014Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
Details 22.11.2013Cornish Industrial Visits
Details 12.10.2013Great Western Tracker II - a re-run of the 23/03/2013 tour from Bristol to Plymouth with some choice extras
Details 04.08.2013Forest of Dean - Coleford GWR station, Miniature Rly and Perrygrove Railway
Details 20.07.2013East Anglian Railway Museum - comprehensive lines tour and available loops plus miniature rly
Details 20.07.2013Colne Valley Railway - comprehensive lines tour with 03 haulage plus miniature railway
Details 06.07.2013Chatham Historic Dockyard - public tour followed by private charter facilities over standard gauge lines
Details 23.06.2013Exeter & Teign Valley Railway - all available lines tour and site exploration
Details 23.06.2013Plym Valley Railway - tour to line extremities plus rare haulage
Details 22.06.2013Bere Ferrers - visit to Bere Ferrers station and all available lines coverage
Details 21.06.2013Dartmoor Railway - joint PLEG / BLS charter
Details 21.06.2013South Devon Rly Crompton Explorer - charter train on the South Devon Railway including loops
Details 09.06.2013Middleton Railway - comprehensive tour of all available lines and sidings
Details 08.06.2013Cambridge Museum of Technology - guided tour and railway trip
Details 08.06.2013Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory - walking visit to Lords Bridge, near Cambridge for the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory
Details 26.05.2013Chiltern Tracker - DMU tour with Chiltern Railways for lines and facilities in North London and Buckinghamshire
Details 22.05.2013Evening Railway Walk - Nottingham, Linby, Newstead and Hucknall trackbed walks
Details 08.05.2013Evening Railway Walk - Nottingham, Bulwell and Bestwood GN & GC trackbed walks
Details 04.05.2013Markeaton Park Light Railway - comprehensive tour of all available lines and sidings
Details 04.05.2013Ruddington - Nottingham SMEE lines - special tour of rare lines on the NSMEE ground-level system
Details 20.04.2013Rocks by Rail, Cottesmore - comprehensive tour of all available lines using a variety of motive power and vehicles
Details 20.04.2013Northampton & Lamport Railway - comprehensive tour of all available lines and sidings
Details 23.03.2013Great Western Tracker - DMU tour in the West of England to interesting and much requested branches and locations between
Details 17.03.2013Abbey Pumping Station, Leicester - unusual lines visit to Abbey Pumping Station 2 foot gauge railway
Details 17.03.2013Conkers, Moira - 2 foot gauge minor railway
Details 17.03.2013Great Central Railway - comprehensive exploration by DMU
Details 02.03.2013East Midlands Depot Tracker - Crewe to Derby and Nottingham area DMU trip
Details 20.01.2013Barrow Hill Charter - brake Van trip around sidings and lines at the Barrow Hill Roundhouse complex
Details 22.10.2012The Laxey Tracker - Manx Electric Railway, Laxey Station Area
Details 26.08.2012East Midlands Tracker
Details 14.07.2012Monsal Trail
Details 02.06.2012BLS Scunthorpe AFRPS tours 2010-12 - BLS/Appleby-Frodingham Railway Preservation Society tours 2010-12 Scunthorpe Steelworks
Details 11.08.2001Tim Whelan's Photos from 1999 to 2001
Details 27.03.1993Institution of Mining Engineers - North West Tour
Details 13.10.1991Institution of Mining Engineers - North Tyne Tour
Details 21.09.1991Institution of Mining Engineers - North West Tour
Details 06.04.1991Institution of Mining Engineers - East Midland Tour
Details 10.12.1989Institution of Mining Engineers - South Midland Tour 2
Details 26.11.1989Institution of Mining Engineers - North Midland Tour
Details 22.10.1989Institution of Mining Engineers - South Midland Tour
Details 15.10.1989Institution of Mining Engineers - South Yorkshire Tour
Details 08.10.1989Institution of Mining Engineers - North Yorkshire Tour
Details 23.04.1989Institution of Mining Engineers - Notts & North Derbyshire Tour
Details 02.04.1989Institution of Mining Engineers - North East Area
Details 03.12.1971Edge Hill to Huskisson
Details 02.06.1957The Yorkshireman - the Society's first ever railtour