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4 Kingdoms Adventure Park Railway
Saturday 7th April 2018

Seventeen participants enjoyed a thorough mid-morning trip on the 10¼" gauge miniature here opened in March 2016. Our party was warmly received and our driver, Rudolf Szentimrey, soon appreciated and accommodated our interest covering the short 'overrun' lengths both ends on this single track, out and back railway; there is no pointwork. He even arranged and took a group photo between the two runs!

The railway is at its maximum length, no more track (!), running from the entrance area as ⅔ of a loop to where the Maize Maze will grow by summer for passengers to exit and get lost in. (They must beware the crashed plane inside it, though, apparently used as an 'amazing' home for Zombies in other Park activities …) There are no platforms as such and little possibility of it becoming a full loop as that would cross various active internal roadways. An idea under exploration, however, is to completely lift the railway and relay it around the lake further into the park. The 300yd railway is clearly a popular feature - as soon as we had enjoyed our second run, the train filled with 'normal' visitors.

The end of line group photograph with Terry Velvick in the driving seat.
[© Rudolf Szentimrey 2018]

The loco, steam outline 4-4-0 locomotive No3 'General Shirley' (K J Hemingway/1972), and the track came from Thurleigh Farm when that railway closed in 2015. The loco carries 'PHR', from its earlier life at Margate's Payton Heights Railway before (and after) various sojourns detailed in BLN 1286.MR139.

Thanks to our member Terry Velvick for arranging this very successful (and financially advantageous at £5) visit; normal Adult admission is £10.95 with 50p discount if booked online in advance. Thanks also to the Adventure Park staff, especially Rudolf, for entering into the spirit and looking after us so well.

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