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On 20th November 2016, we visted the Penrhyn Quarry Railway. The stock normally stabled on
our 'loading line' has been temporarily displaced (left) to make way for us. [© Ian Mortimer]

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The Branch Line Society (BLS) is a UK-based voluntary association for railway enthusiasts. It is a nationally spread organisation with a membership of over 2,100 (including quite a few resident overseas). It was established in 1955 and is widely recognised as Britain's leading amateur group for the study of railway infrastructure and history of networks (and not nowadays, despite its title, just minor lines). It pursues its aims by a news service, mainline, heritage and private railtours and visits, and the production and distribution of publications.

Our emphasis is on the physical works and on operating arrangements, rather than motive power and rolling stock. Whilst seeking to record matters of history accurately for archive purposes, a prime aim is to publicise coming events and activities.

Members receive up to 24 electronic or paper newsletters (BLN) per year - UK and International versions are available. They also receive priority information, booking preference on Society events, lower fares, a discount on some sales items, and Passenger Train Services Over Unusual Lines (paper version is annual).



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