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Peckett on freight at Chatham Historic Dockyard where the Society visited on 6th July, 2013.
 [© Jim Sellens]

Branch Line News

The Society's news service is centred on Branch Line News (BLN), a newsletter which by virtue of its twice-monthly publication is able to maintain a high degree of topicality.

BLN covers both the history of, and the current evolution of, railways, especially in Britain, but also around the world. A particular objective in the current climate of increasing investment in new freight and passenger links throughout the world, is the dissemination of accurate and well-informed details about progress with infrastructure projects.

Links to recent samples of e-BLN, BLN International and BLN Pictorial are given below.

Note for BLS members:
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 Sample e-BLN  A recent sample of our electronic newsletter 'e-BLN' which includes BLN International (BLNI). A number of additional documents of topical interest are also usually included with a release of e-BLN.
 BLN International  A recent edition of BLN International. And a sample copy of BLNI Extra:    BLNI Extra 
 BLN Pictorial  A recent edition of Branch Line News Pictorial


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