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Hotham Park Railway, Bognor Regis - 24th March 2018

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The 'keen end' of the train is propelled to the end of the middle shed road - no train loco in the way either. The longer (outer loop) goes across the bottom left corner. The shorter inner loop runs alongside, and to the right of, the carriage and loco shed. As well as being BLS friendly the 'Family Coach' the disabled coach will take a wheelchair and is named 'Ryan' after a paraplegic boy who persuaded the railway to build it.

On the right hand shed road, the inner loop running line is behind the locomotive which is named after the town: <b>BO</b>gnor <b>R</b>eg<b>IS</b>.

Our special on the outer loop approaching the station (to the right) the inner loop can be seen to the right of the shed. Outside the shed is a new 'Class 33' loco.