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BLS North Wales Coast Signal Boxes Farewell - 8th March 2018

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Abergele Signal Box instruments, the green dots indicate equipment to be saved for possible future use/spares<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

Rather than the railroad going through the middle of the house, the Down Passenger Loop used to go through the middle of Abergele & Pensarn Down platform extension<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

Talking of which…<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

Another distinctive feature of Rhyl box was the large 'Train Running Away' bell to alert signallers (loudly!) in case of unauthorised train movements past the Down intermediate block Home signal 14. As can be seen it is complete with a bespoke muffling system. The box is three floors high; the interlocking was on the intermediate level. At least one member present suggested that access to the box might be via the scary looking external ladder, but thankfully it was only an emergency escape route and we climbed the internal wooden staircase! Mark also kindly showed us the distinctive LNWR interlocking in most of the boxes. At locations such as Rhyl, weights are directly attached to the locking - presumably to ensure reliable operation.<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

Rarely seen by non-signal box aficionados, the mysteries of Rhyl locking room, beneath the signal frame, showing weights directly attached to the locking (see report above).<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

View of the line and station from the remarkably narrow balcony of Rhyl signal box. Left to right are the two Engineer's Sidings, Down passenger Loop, Down Main (no platform) and Up Main.<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

Prestatyn Box is on the Down side (looking towards Rhyl) the Dyserth branch used to trail in left of the box. Prestatyn station is off to the right. In contrast this was a much smaller (two storey) box. Just 6 levers remained in use in the former 44-lever frame. The Up Slow to Rhyl No1 went 16 Feb 1969 and the Down Slow 25 Mar 1990. Latterly no points at all were used and the box just broke up the long Talacre - Rhyl block section. Prestatyn was the only box visited with a mechanically worked semaphore distant.<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

The tensioning device for the Up Distant Signal.<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

The old and the new at Tyn-y-Morfa gates, note the semaphore (nothing to do with railway operation, of course) by the former Crossing Keeper's house.<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

Tyn-y-Morfa crossing gate box. They don't make phones like that anymore! Maybe that is why it is sporting a green spot (the mobile phone on top doesn't have one).<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

A pre-resignalling sign at the crossing and, despite appearances, the natives are friendly.<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

Talacre Signal Box on the Up side.<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

The interior.<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

The closed Grade II listed Mostyn Signal Box, the former level crossing (right) is now a NR access point, the new bidirectional Up Mostyn Goods Loop (replacing the Up and Down Loops at Holywell Junction) is the track furthest from the camera. Note the buoy lower centre far left.<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

A colourful scene at Holywell Junction, right is the Up Siding (a through siding), near left is the very elusive Up Goods Loop then the Up Main and a significant gap (with the signal box) before the Down Main and Down Goods Loop. Far centre left is the end slope of the disused Down platform.<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

Holywell Junction<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]

A Victorian computer - Holywell Junction box mechanical interlocking beneath the frame.<br>[© Nick Jones 2018]