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The Sussex Salopian - 24th March 2018

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Here we are again…! Crewe this time P5 awaiting departure for the Shrewsbury line.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2018]

Preparing breakfast and look who is first in the queue! Ian Delgado is right, behind Kev.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2018]

A very smart looking 33025 parked on some very rare track indeed after detaching.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2018]

Early morning departure from Shrewsbury P7 for the Wolverhampton line - one of Geoff Plumb's photos with some distinct 'painting like' qualities. Right is a Cardiff to Manchester train.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2018]

A picture taken at Acton Lane No2 Reception Siding, under supervision and with permission, with the WCR train crew.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2018]

A second picture taken at Acton Lane No.2 Reception Siding, under supervision and with permission.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2018]

Heading south through Arundel on the way to Bognor Regis.<br>[© John Vaughan 2018]

Left to right: Tim Wade, Suzanne Wilson, Wendy Brawn (both from Railway Children) and Tim Brawn with the presentation charity at Bogor Regis (the final amount raised was actually £4,000).<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2018]