The Branch Line Society


The Boaty McBoatface - 25th January 2020

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Marked up map thanks to Martyn Brailsford<br>[&copy; Martyn Brailsford 2020]

Ashton Canal sign<br>[&copy; Kev Adlam 2020]

Loco HE 6012 with the specially constructed coach for our visit<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

Loco HE 6012 with the coach and loco RH 200761 just visible<br>[© John Cameron 2020]

Loco RH 200761<br>[© John Cameron 2020]

Loco HE 6012<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

By the canal where the bottom end of the line is at a much lower level than the entrance end.<br>[&copy; Kev Adlam 2020]

Big brother passing heading towards Denton Jn.<br>[&copy; Kev Adlam 2020]

The tail lamp at the entrance gate (some trips did reach the very end of rail outside).<br>[&copy; Geoff Noakes. 2020]

WR 10114, the flat wagon and some prominent members on board - fortunately the battery wasn't flat as well.<br>[&copy; Kev Adlam 2020]