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Manchester, Railway Walk - 25th January 2020

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One-inch to the mile 1961 map. Bottom left is Chorlton-cum-Hardy station (shown open to passengers) and Chorlton Jn. The Fallowfield Loop runs along the bottom before turning northeast to Fairfield (with the curve left round to Gorton and central Manchester). Guide Bridge station is top right with Ashton Moss Colliery (known locally as New Moss or Snipe Colliery) nearby.

Fallowfield station on 9 Jun 2008<br>[&copy; Angus McDougall 2008]

On 25 Jan 2020. The passenger entrance was far right in the top picture.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

On 25 Jan 2020. The passenger entrance was far right in the top picture.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

Class 31 on a diverted passenger train heads east through Fallowfield station (Jan 1988)<br>[&copy; Angus McDougall 1988]

An access building to part of the Thirlmere Aqueduct.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

A branch of the Thirlmere Aqueduct crosses over the Fallowfield Loop.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

The area on the left (matched by a smaller one off picture, on the right) was thought to be the site of Yew Tree Lane Signal Box (at Yew Tree Lane sidings) opposite to a bothy for shunters.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

Approaching Levenshulme (South) looking east - the station building on the bridge is being renovated. The original road overbridge is above the white line across, below it the curve is concrete reinforcing for the road (it is not beneath the station building) as on quite a few of the line's bridges. This is why clearance appears reduced although is adequate even for tall cyclists!<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

Levenshulme (South) station site looking west towards Fallowfield, the station building has blocked up platform entrances. There was a platform each side here. This end of the overbridge beneath the building is original, without the arched concrete reinforcing.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

Reddish Depot after closure and de-wiring. (22 Feb 1987.)<br>[&copy; Angus McDougall 1987]

A diverted 2-car DMU takes the Fallowfield Line round to the left at the former Chorlton Jn. Right was the line to (ultimately) London St Pancras via Peak Forest and Matlock, it is now the Metrolink route to East Didsbury and the start of the Airport line! (May 1976.)<br>[© Ian Mortimer 1976]

Participants explore the fine asymmetrical 'Bridge 16' over the Fallowfield Loop - numbering is from the Fairfield end.<br>[&copy; Andy Chard 2020]

Crossing over the line from Manchester to Romiley and Rose Hill Marple/New Mills/Chinley.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

Soon after Hyde Road station the railway ran in a deep cutting to Fairfield which has been filled in, as here. The once tall overbridge is now buried except for the parapets each side of the road.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

Another buried road overbridge on the filled in section.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

Fairfield from the overbridge looking east towards Glossop and Hadfield, there used to be two Fallowfield Loop platforms (right) with the junction beyond, and two further platforms on the left.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

OHLE support on the Fallowfield line platforms at Fairfield with 35+ years of tree growth.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

On the northern side of the station where passengers once caught trains to Manchester.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

Fairfield; a Rose Hill Marple to Piccadilly train approaches, and they were hoping for a Pacer...<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

Gorton station looking east, a Class 506 Hadfield to Manchester 1500v DC EMU approaches in Feb 1975. The electrified double track curve round to Reddish Depot and the Fallowfield loop is off to the right. As can be seen, there used to be four electrified tracks along here also.<br>[&copy; Ian Mortimer 2020]