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Scunthorpe Steel Works Cold Steel Tracker - 4th January 2020

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A surreal sight of a lineside planted Christmas Tree with decorations!r.<br>[© Michael Trower 2020]

Quality rare track indeed, the end of BOS Yard Siding No4, with our brakevan buffers at the bottom. We must remember to bring some shovels with us next time…<br>[&copy; Mark Thomas 2020]

Not a porthole but a photo of a level crossing safety mirror (that could do with a good clean) reflecting No1 propelling four brakevans over Queens's Approach Road Level Crossing. This was while visiting Queen Victoria's bottom shunting between the two roads - 115 points.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2020]

Siding No1 outside the BOS Plant; it had not seen a train for a while.<br>[&copy; Mark Thomas 2020]

Inside the cavernous Rail Service Centre on Road 5 with the end of line ahead.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2020]

View forward as we slowly approach the stops in Rail Service Centre Bay 5 guided in by Glenn Britcliffe, Mr Appleby Frodingham Railway Preservation Society himself, on the left.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2020]

View from our railtour inside the Rail Service Centre building Road 5.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2020]

Earlier a Di8 Norwegian loco hauled a long rake of rail wagons out of the Rail Service Centre Road 5; it is on the connecting line sloping down to Dawes Lane and the rest of the steel works. Taken from our tour which is on the Rail Service Centre east head shunt end of line. It was at this point that it was decided to make for Road 5 before another train appeared with wagons to reoccupy it…<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2020]

Also at the high up Rail Service Centre was the previously unheard of situation of Roads 1, 2 & 3 (far right to left) being so clear of wagons. Our tour propels back to the west end head shunt, Points 619 are in view. Scunthorpe itself can be seen behind the vegetation.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2020]

Heavy Repair Bay, Road 8 with wagons in the way - but not for long. The pile driver at the end was a different matter though.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2020]

Our tour shunts the aforementioned wagons across into Road 5 (already done by the tour) clearing out Road 8, to the pile driver (right). There are no prizes for guessing where the tour went next… The scale of the Heavy Repair Bay building ahead can be appreciated. One discovery on the tour was the new buffer stops on Road 7 (right), severing the loop so it no longer joins Line 6 towards the building.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2020]

BOS Yard Line 4 - see earlier for an end of line close up. Top middle left is the Slab Yard, then Concast with the BOS Plant far right.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2020]

After lunch and with everyone squeezed onto two brakevans, AFRPS Shed Lines 3 & 4 were traversed; Line 4 is the clear one ahead.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2020]

Below Queen Victoria Blast Furnance; both lines were done and end just round the corner; a hot metal suit is needed to enter!<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2020]

On the middle line of the BOS Plant itself, looking towards the end of line; left is the hot torpedo queue (empties this end).<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2020]

Passing Appleby Coke Ovens (right with its branch) just as some burning coal is being quenched in a coke car - it is just steam, honestly, but you should see how they make the Pepsi. Left is Redbourn Container Terminal.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2020]

A line that everyone was very keen to do; the new through line and its loop (right). The junction (Points 319) with the existing line is just before the entrance to the former Bloom & Billet Mill ahead. It has turned into a remarkably sunny day for the first week in January.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2020]

Trent Yard Siding No9 with the main line on the right (Scunthorpe is to the left and Cleethorpes off to the right).<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2020]

Where are all the wagons? Mills Exchange Sidings; 15 is full but 11-14 (here) were covered as were 6, 8, 9 & 10. The Foreign Ore Branch is behind.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2020]

Just before entering Rail Service Centre No5 Bay. The klaxon warning system has been activated hence the green light left of the triangular train sign on the building. A bit of 'impossible track' is to the left and left of that at the front is AFRPS member and accredited shunter-in-chief, Alan Sheppard our member, Scunthorpe expert and route director.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2020]

Scunthorpe: Pre-grice shunting; (moving wagons from heavy Repair Bay Road 8 to Road 5.).<br>[© Mark Thomas 2020]

An area of outstanding natural industrial beauty... our tour on the approach to the blast furnaces.<br>[&copy; Mark Thomas 2020]

An area of outstanding natural industrial beauty... our tour on the approach to the blast furnaces.<br>[&copy; Mark Thomas 2020]

Lincolnshire Hot Pot… Chief Stoker Archie Lewis at work (it didn't quite melt).<br>[&copy; Mark Haggas 2020]