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The Breckland Freighter - 14th September 2019

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Route Description

Window Decal by Amy Nash

Mileage Table by Jim Sellens

The Breckland Freighter historical tour map, with thanks to Dave Cromarty.

Sunrise at Ratcliffe Power Station (in light steam); adjacent East Midlands Parkway is the station with world's biggest water feature.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

East Midlands Parkway.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

Brandon Freight Yard, the junction end of train (the other end was on the stop blocks), the station and main line are behind the pile of stone.<br>[© Authorised Personnel.) 2019]

Eccles Road, Johnston's Logistics the rail served grain loading building shown on TRACKmaps near the end of line (left hand road).<br>[© Authorised Personnel 2019]

Inside the terminal, our friend Ian Hughes (positively glowing) who made this possible. The track was cleared and dug out especially for the tour.<br>[© Authorised Personnel 2019]

Norwich Riverside Freight Depot Line 'A'; only having one loco meant that the keen members were able to be nearer the end of line (shown bottom left). Norwich (Thorpe) passenger station is right, behind the piles of sand and stone.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

Norwich Riverside Line 'A'; the other end of the train, the passenger station can just be seen between the loco and the road van.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

Norwich Riverside Line 'A' looking southeast; the Norwich (Thorpe) station approach lines are to the left.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

(BLN 1334.2066 track plans) New sidings at Cambridge looking north with the station to the left. Right to left, first is the trackbed for future dead end Lines 9 & 8. Lines 7 (bottom right corner) & 6 are also dead end, then through Lines 5, 4 & 3.These are all new and make up the Thameslink Carriage Sidings. Next are Reception Sidings 2 (done by our tour) & 1 (the old 4 & 3 before P7 & P8 were built). The next lines are the split for P8 & P7.<br>[© Graham James 2019]

Looking south, Cambridge P8 & 7 is far right; the OHLE is up for future Lines 7 & 8 (left). Lower right is the connection to the future Wash Road.<br>[© Graham James 2019]

Further north looking towards Cambridge North are the Greater Anglia carriage sidings; Coldham Lane Down Good Loop begins left.<br>[© Graham James 2019]

A CrossCountry train to Birmingham passes the works compound (the future train wash site) north of Cambridge.<br>[© Graham James 2019]

The beautiful Ely Cathedral and the River Ouse photographed from the tour in the evening.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

A caption is probably unnecessary as everyone will immediately recognise Welney Road Level Crossing, just east of Manea station.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

Our 'Breckland Freighter' on Johnston's Eccles Road branch.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

Leaving the terminal (propelling away from the camera towards the Exchange Sidings!). Note the fine second hand ex-MoD concrete sleepers.<br>[© Ian Hughes 2019]

The end of line past the grain terminal, with a secret crossover to run round.<br>[© Ian Hughes 2019]

The Grain Terminal at Eccles Road, looking towards the end of line, before it was cleared or our tour and the track grooves dug out. (14 Sep 2019)<br>[&copy; Ian Hughes 2019]