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Scunthorpe Steeler No19 - 26th August 2019

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Our Scunthorpe Steel Works tour train with four brakevans in Frodingham platform headshunt.<br>[&copy; Alan Sheppard 2019]

The Heavy Repair Bay northeast end, our hard working qualified AFRPS shunter, Alan Sheppard in action. He had a very busy day!<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2019]

The Heavy Repair Bay looking northeast - the Rail Service Centre (Welding Plant) is middle left (elevated). Right is the site of the Plate Mill.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2019]

The Rail Service Centre, (as in rails and continuously welded rails) 6 Bay North end - the tour ran through the building to the end of line.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2019]

6 Bay South after running through the building, passing the blue loco on the line to its left; the other end of our train is at the end of line.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2019]

Our tour on Corus Rail Sidings Line 8, looking roughly west; left are the East (left) and West lines (a loop) to Rail Service Centre, 2 Bay.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2019]

All together now…Corus Rail Sidings headshunt, left to right: Lines 8, 6 (which the tour is on) then 5 on the right with 4 out of sight.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2019]

Corus Rail Sidings in the opposite direction from the end of line; near foreground right to left: Lines 8, (7 is the short siding) 6, 5, 4 & 3 (far left).<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2019]

Approaching the loco scrap line.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2019]

The four blast furnaces at Scunthorpe (where is the swear box then?...<br>[© Chris Ziemer 2019]

The BOS Plant Gantry looking east towards the end of line (we have been allowed up there a couple of times in the past).<br>[© Chris Ziemer 2019]

A hot (it was too) metal torpedo train approaches the BOS Plant.<br>[© Chris Ziemer 2019]

A single loco with three discharged hot metal torpedoes on the 4-track section by Bridge 44; that's an impressive number of wheels.<br>[© Chris Ziemer 2019]

The three sets of points at Bridge 44 on the 4-track section; the two further away are the new ones.<br>[© Chris Ziemer 2019]

Inside the Former (as in ex-) Bloom & Billet Mill, Entrance 5 (BBM5); pictures can't do justice to the size of the structure.<br>[© Darren Garnon 2019]

The same location from the loco end of the train, the buffer stops are bottom centre right; note the large overhead cranes.<br>[© Chris Ziemer 2019]

The new through line (with loop) was unavailable as the overhead crane above 'Furnace Road' in the building ahead was being worked on.<br>[© Chris Ziemer 2019]

Ploughing through the debris filling up the tracks at this busy level crossing approaching the Scrap Bay at the southwest corner of the works.<br>[© Chris Ziemer 2019]

The Scrap Bay is another enormous structure, the door at the top of the stairs middle left accommodates a standing adult.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2019]