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The Blackpool Balloon - 26th January 2019

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Distance table

North Pier '713' (left) on our tour during the lunch break, '147' & '011'<br>[© Angus McDougall 2019]

Although our tram had not broken down this was motive power on the non-wired section ahead and round 180O (to the left) from here to the paint shop at the rear of the building seen.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 2019]

Our tour tram outside Blackpool Rigby Road Depot, the line in the distance curves right (and becomes double track) heading towards the promenade.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 2019]

Manchester Square looking south, bottom left is the turnout that led to Rigby Road Depot via the Foxhall Square, Princess St and Blundell St loop. Bimodes are not new, '754' (ahead) runs on the overhead or diesel. To its right is the non-wired facing crossover that we covered.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 2019]

Pleasure Beach, although there wouldn't have been much pleasure on the beach in this rain.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 2019]

A 'Moon rocket' in Hopton Road outside Rigby Road Depot.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 2019]

Posterior views of a BLS party (25 on the trip) pushing a 'Boat' from Hopton Rd round to Blundell St, as it is a one way street one wonders how they returned. (1 Apr 1990).<br>[© Angus McDougall 1990]

Tram '607' on the now disused and de-wired Blundell Street section, near the junction with Princess Street when the rare depot loop line was done, bringing out photographers on 28 Jun 1998.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 2019]

Princess St, Sheffield '513'; destination blind 'Manchester Square'. (29 Sep 1985) <br>[© Angus McDougall 1985]

Decrepit Engineering Car No7 was kept on the former third side of the triangle from the Little Bispham turning circle (seen left) towards Fleetwood, now lifted. (3 Oct 1981)<br>[© Angus McDougall 2019]

Blackpool Balloon marked up map by Martyn Brailsford