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Scunthorpe Cold Steel Tracker - 5th January 2019

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Our all first class accommodation, note Alan Sheppard's homemade headboard<br>[&copy; A Sheppard 2019]

The view forward propelling along Gantry Road towards Rail Service Centre Bay 6.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer. 2019]

Rail Service Centre 6 Bay entrance with rail sections on ultra low ground level trolleys in the distance.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer. 2019]

Souvenir ticket by Amy Nash and printed by Willow Printing & Design, Newton-le-Willows, our Society printer. (Even with the curved corners on the actual ticket, showing we don't cut corners...)

Approaching Rail Service Centre 2 Bay West.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer. 2019]

One lump or two? Attempting to set the stove fire in the 'keen (cold?) end' brakevan.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer. 2019]

Propelling into the New Gantry Line.... most unusually it was actually clear of wagons.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer. 2019]

The Appleby Coke Ovens branch; a coke car with hot coal is under the quenching tower to the right with an impressive plume of steam being produced.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer. 2019]

Appleby Coke Ovens quenching tower... beyond workers have hoods and respirators - rare track indeed! There were many coke ovens in Britain once. Some (such as Norwood in Newcastle) were so regular you could set your watch by the plumes of steam. The ovens have to be kept going 24 hours a day or the internal walls collapse.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer. 2019]

An inviting line up to the refurbished High Lines (I'd be inclined to agree).<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer. 2019]

For many the 'high' light of the whole railtour was the High Lines alongside the top of the Four Queens Blast Furnaces with their mysterious, rarely seen, track and inhabitants. These High Line 'locos' are not classed as 'railway' but as 'machinery' and therefore are not part of the normal railway infrastructure - their drivers are classed as 'machine operators'.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer. 2019]

The self-powered hoppers on Scunthorpe High Lines by the Four Queens Blast Furnaces.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer. 2019]