The Branch Line Society


Animal Tracker II - 9th September 2018

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'Rex Express' Paradise Wildlife Park; traversing the shed road on and off the turntable; it unusually forms part of the running line (when rotated clockwise by 45o).<br>[© Duncan Finch 2018]

Bangs Galore and Gunpowder Creek Railway, the electric 'tram' at Wilson's Folly station, the long headshunt curves round to the right out of view.<br>[&copy; Duncan Finch 2018]

An individual cab rides on 10392 (Baguley Drewry, 1981)<br>[&copy; Duncan Finch 2018]

Totally irresistible … 18" vehicle and track at the Royal Gunpowder Mills.<br>[&copy; Duncan Finch 2018]