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The Royal Garden Party, - 8th September 2018

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East Herts MES, Amwell Jn and signal box showing the interesting layout (all covered) - the branch to the two carriage sidings is on the left.

The three road engine shed (and yes, all three were covered on our tour).<br>[&copy; Stuart Hicks, 2018]

The rarest bit of track and the final reversal in to the siding off the centre of the circuit. Left is a 'bidirectional' signal - there are quite a few of these on the railway. The head and ladder can each be swiveled round by 180o for running in the opposite direction on the circuit. As for that '40' (mph) speed restriction sign - no chance!<br>[&copy; Stuart Hicks, 2018]

Hatfield House Miniature Railway - Salisbury Halt.<br>[&copy; Stuart Hicks, 2018]

The open ended Engine Shed which continues on as a 'ski jump' - the loading line. They are very trusting in this part of Hertfordshire; that is a public footpath in the background.<br>[&copy; Stuart Hicks, 2018]

The participants on the second trip were happy to enter the ghostly shed, on the basis that the first lot had actually all emerged again.<br>[&copy; Stuart Hicks, 2018]

The station, although one is left wondering from the sign what 'other' sort/s of 'station/s' might be found at a garden centre…?<br>[&copy; Stuart Hicks, 2018]