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Island of Ireland III Day 3; All the way to Galway, - 5th May 2018

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Travel on the Saturday was by luxury coach<br>[© Chris Yewlett 2018]

Peat cutting demonstration with a sleán, the turf is then thrown to the man on the right who (hopefully) catches it and stacks it up on the wooden barrow.<br>[© Chris Yewlett 2018]

The 'proper' 3ft gauge train at the platform.<br>[© Chris Yewlett 2018]

The 'improper' road train which gave a good view of the peat bog.<br>[© Chris Yewlett 2018]

The famous 'Sky Train'- a former peat train arched in an improbable looking curve across the skyline.<br>[© Chris Yewlett 2018]

Dunsandle station, looking north towards Loughrea, 32 day returns please (if only)…<br>[© Chris Yewlett 2018]

Dunsandle station looking north towards Attymon Junction (open as Attymon).<br>[© Chris Yewlett 2018]

Leisureland Express (2ft gauge) with the beautiful Galway bay as a backdrop.<br>[© Chris Yewlett 2018]

Dusk at Glenlo Abbey Hotel luxury dining, the Clifden branch went across behind the trees.<br>[© Chris Yewlett 2018]

Inside, we were honoured to be joined by our esteemed BLNI Editor (on the right).<br>[© Chris Yewlett 2018]

(Quail Vol 6 p10 D - Feb 2004) Galway station (the main platform for Dublin services is off left) showing the short platform (bottom left corner) now used by Western Corridor Limerick trains. The siding far right is the start of the Clifden branch, which ran beneath the underbridge seen. This bridge can still be seen from the end of the station platform now. The disused bricked up loco shed is top left with the turntable right of the water crane.<br>[© Angus McDougall 3 Sep 2003]

Taken from that first bridge showing the remains of the Clifden branch looking towards Dublin. The former Galway signal cabin is top left with the station platforms right and the 'bay' (as in sea) in the background.<br>[© Angus McDougall 3 Sep 2003]

48 miles west of Galway the single platform Clifden terminus is now a hotel.<br>[© Press Release 2018]