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Island of Ireland III Day 2 - 4th May 2018

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The party (less one) at Sligo P1 (which used to be the departures platform) from the buffer stops looking towards Dublin. The Middle Road and ex-P2 (formerly the arrivals platform) are right.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 2018]

'Standing room only' on the 2ft gauge at Dromod.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 2018]

In the opposite direction a pump trolley and (left) a three-wheeler; the 5' 3" gauge Sligo line Dromod station is right with the original Cavan & Leitrim engine shed and water tower background - left of centre background.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 2018]

A 3ft gauge peripatetic Gricycle made for two… showing what fun modern BLN fixtures can be and ideal for reaching ends of lines. This track leads to the engine shed (behind the photographer). The single decker (right) had been moved to clear it (giving two chances for participants to have a ride as it was driven back afterwards). The water tower (left) behind the signal box remains is on the 5' 3" line. The Cavan & Leitrim 3ft gauge running line is left with the Dromod station off left.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 2018]

The end of the end of the half-mile 3ft gauge running line just before the former Clooncolry level crossing, the buffer stops are bottom left, looking back towards Dromod.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 2018]