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Hunts Cross to Aintree CLC Trackbed Walk - 15th September 2020

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With the exception of this photo the others are in the sequence of the walk.<br>[© Tony Kuivala 2020]

The imposing former station building at Hunts Cross.<br>[© John Cameron 2020]

Immediately recognisable is the site of Halewood North Jn, the curve to Hunts Cross is right and to Halewood is left. Far left is your locally based Website Officer - Phil Wieland, fiddling with his device as Website Officers are wont* to do. [*No apostrophe.]<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

Gateacre station was immediately beyond this bridge over the B5171, Belle Vue Road; looking northwest towards Aintree.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

Looking towards Aintree, the M62 is above with the Lime Street (to the left) to Newton-le-Willows line behind, Broad Green station is just to the left. The double track Southport line went through the far right overbridge ahead - the hidden one to its left (for quadrupling) never had track laid.<br>[&copy; Tony Kuivala 2020]

Thomas Lane, a long overbridge; four roads meet a dual carriageway above, looking towards Hunts Cross, the identical unused bridge is right.<br>[&copy; Tony Kuivala 2020]

East Prescott Road overbridge has been strengthened with a concrete ring, not infilled - Highways England please note.<br>[&copy; Tony Kuivala 2020]

<br>[© Tony Kuivala 2020]

Last time passengers used these platforms was in 1960; West Derby station looking southeast towards Hunts Cross (the path is left).<br>[© Tony Kuivala 2020]

West Derby station looking northwest towards Aintree; station building left, stationmaster's house right. The never used bridge is left.<br>[&copy; Tony Kuivala 2020]

West Derby station looking northwest towards Aintree; station building left, stationmaster's house right. The never used bridge is left.<br>[© Tony Kuivala 2020]

From the Down (Aintree) platform, showing the original sandstone that was never dug out by the second overbridge at West Derby station.<br>[© Tony Kuivala 2020]

Three Butt Lane overbridge, looking towards Aintree.<br>[© Tony Kuivala 2020]

These two identical bridges in a different style from before are for either side of Muirhead Ave, a dual carriageway (unused section left).<br>[© Tony Kuivala 2020]

The impressive bridge over the Utting Avenue and Townsend Avenue double island intersection was only wide enough for two tracks.<br>[© Tony Kuivala 2020]

From the east side of the bridge (its shadow is along the bottom), a tram line once ran along the reservation ahead (and three others here).<br>[© Tony Kuivala 2020]

Further on, just before Fazakerley South Jn, is a similar bridge (again just double track) over the A580 Walton Hall Ave dual carriageway.<br>[© Tony Kuivala 2020]

On the 'rail replacement footbridge' over the Kirkby line, looking towards Liverpool; Rice Lane platforms can just be seen in the distance.<br>[© Tony Kuivala 2020]

The bridge carrying the Liverpool (left) to Aintree & Ormskirk (right) line over the Liverpool Loop, with space for four tracks.<br>[© John Cameron 2020]

The end of the Liverpool Loop walk, the trackbed continues in a deep cutting left which is well fenced off and well flooded - now a nature reserve. The overbridge ahead carried the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway North Mersey Line to the docks (via Sefton Jn off to the left. Fazakerley Sidings by Aintree Racecourse and used to stable stock during race meetings were right, the line continued on to Fazakerley Jn). The path off right joins a trackbed walk on that line. John Cameron, the fixture organiser (also your North West Regional BLN Editor and Publicity Officer) is disappointed to discover that he has just missed a service train from Aintree Central by well over 40 years. Still there is always the adjacent Aintree Sefton Arms to fall back on… (The station, not the pub.)<br>[&copy; Tony Kuivala 2020]