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Bury - Holcombe Brook walk, - 7th September 2020

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Holcombe Brook branch bridge abutment near Tottington Jn (in Bury Chamberhall Street); the East Lancashire Railway bridge (Bury - Ramsbottom) is off to the right.<br>[&copy; Chris Parker 2020]

The Bury side abutment of the same bridge as the previous page; left is the Bury - Ramsbottom line bridge.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

The River Irwell Viaduct which is part of the trackbed walk; Bury is to the right and Holcombe Brook is left.<br>[&copy; Ian Mortimer 2020]

The site of Brandlesholme Road Halt, in open countryside not far from Bury.<br>[&copy; John Cameron 2020]

The rail replacement viduct over Kirklees Brook looking along the trackbed towards Holcombe Brook.<br>[&copy; Ian Mortimer 2020]

The 65m long viaduct over Kirklees Brook opened on 7 May 2012 replacing Woolfold Viaduct which was demolished in 1974.<br>[&copy; Ian Mortimer 2020]

Remains of the station platform edge at Tottington, last used by normal passengers in 1952.<br>[&copy; Ian Mortimer 2020]

A well built overbridge near Tottington with room for double track; the couple on the right are in the same social bubble.<br>[&copy; Ian Mortimer 2020]

One of the original mast foundations near Tottington from the days when the branch had overhead line electrification.<br>[&copy; Ian Mortimer 2020]

Scholes Lodge Viaduct east side with foundations for double track; Bury is to the left. Our member, bottom right, didn't get wet.<br>[&copy; Ian Mortimer 2020]

Another view of Scholes Lodge Viaduct east side and the foundations for potential widening, looking towards Bury.<br>[&copy; Ian Mortimer 2020]

The viaduct - as can be seen this walk is popular with the general public.<br>[&copy; Ian Mortimer 2020]