The Branch Line Society


St Michael(')s Meander - 30th March 2019

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The black loco is No18, 2-6-0 Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railway (Maine) USA, built 1893, ex-Sandy River Railroad.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

Horsing about, the view forward as the train is about to assault the grade back towards Oldwood Road station.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

The long low viaduct that supports much of the main line between Oldwood Road and the lower loop.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

The Denver & Rio Grande Western loco heads a train with 'Gillian' following; both posed on the lower field loop.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

The BLS rare track special hauled by BR Class 02 battery electric with its 9 year old driver, Tom, heads towards the shed.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

'Gillian' awaits departure from Oldwood Road inner platform road.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

"Excuse me please, Mister, we want to come in there now'', the BLS rare track special is about to do the centre line. John Gordon emerges after looking for lurking locos.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

View forward approaching the back of the shed, about to pass under an inflatable boat!<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

A BLS shed shuttle comes out of centre road and back across the turntable.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

The 4-wheel Battery Electric BR Class 02 stands on the new turntable built for the new shed adjacent but it couldn't turn with the weight of the Society members on it!<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]