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The Looe Brush - 3rd February 2019

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An early morning 'selection' (collective noun) of seven Stewards on their way to Bristol TM were keen to be photographed with The Great Man himself so Kev Adlam duly obliged.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Our Sunday 3 Feb 2019 Looe Brush railtour on the Down Through at Bristol Temple Meads.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

View of the south end of Bristol TM with snow and sun, seen from the loco cab.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Looe tour table

Taken when the train was stationary on a cant; a cold and frosty Devon morning. Approaching Cowley Bridge Jn, the Down Goods theatre light and elevated shunt signal are 'off'. <br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

Loco and mileage table

The Down Bristol flyover line at Cogload Jn (Taunton), with the Caste Cary line beneath.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Dawlish Warren and its Down passenger Loop is in the distance and not a rabbit in sight. The tour took the facing crossover and is on the Bidirectional Up Main in the Down direction.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

On the famous sea wall at Dawlish, the repaired section is on the curve in the distance.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

After crossing the Royal Albert Bridge above the river Tamar and running into Cornwall.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

The crowds are massing at Liskeard for the rare event as the train reverses at the west end of the station. Signal No9, the ground signal, shows a 'proceed' aspect to take the trailing crossover over to P2. Mile Post 265 is on the left (miles are from London Paddington via Box and Plymouth Milbay).<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

After passing through Up P1 the tour is about to take a left onto the connection.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

On the connection to the Looe branch, the rust is misleading it was used the evening before.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Passing Coombe Junction Halt, it's not often there are this many people on the platform<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Coombe No2 Ground Frame with the GW main line west of Liskeard on the high viaduct.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Moorswater Crossing; then MP7¼ on the right and, appropriately, the 'terminal' gates at the end.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Train crew and front of the train at Moorswater Cement Terminal (taken by authorised staff).

Approaching Looe, this is the section of the branch that floods periodically closing the line.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

The 'Looe Brush' finally brushes up against Looe platform.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Plaque at Looe station. Now we know who to thank/blame for the weird Liskeard connection. Moorswater station also closed to passengers from 15 May 1901.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

OOU track, the former loop on the connecting line and ex-Cornwall Farmers' terminal siding (off right) taken from inside the train arriving at Liskeard bay P3.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

Well, actually it's a train from Looe! Our tour in Liskeard bay P3.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

The Looe Brush comes off the connection at Liskeard (taken from Liskeard P1).<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Heads up on the previous train to do the connection carrying passengers (3 May 1998).<br>[© Geoff Plumb 1998]

The east end of Liskeard station as our tour enters P1.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Taking the little used connection onto the South Devon Railway at Totness Riverside.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Our tour at Buckfastleigh.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

From our 3 Feb Looe Brush tour looking towards Exeter.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]