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'Ribblesdale Rider' Clitheroe Cement Works Railtours, - 30th September 2018

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Welcome to Hanson Ribblesdale Cement! - a converted Wickham trolley at the works entrance; perhaps it once ran on 'flower power'?<br>[&copy; Andrew Murray 2018]

Mileage table

The temporary passenger platform looking towards the works and the end of the branch. To the right is the line through the loco shed with its buffer stop.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]

The other end of the train (a 'Molly' sandwich) looking towards the branch junction; the works entrance is middle background right. Left is the buffer stop for the line through the shed.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]

On the shed branch.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]

Running through the loco shed.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]