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Andover Anchovy - 21st October 2018

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Track Plan

Clatford Halt; 0-4-0 steam loco on a single carriage and the Drajeeling steam loco to the left.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2018]

The rare crossover at Clatford Halt, which we were initially told could not be done, but where there's a will/BLS party there's a way...<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2018]

A Planet battery loco provided a shuttle between the sidings either end of Lower Wherwel, to the left is the railway's leaf brusher (is it a Brush Type 4 by any chance?).<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2018]

Form an orderly queue (never otherwise)! Participants await a shuttle in and out of the carriage shed. Meanwhile, elsewhere, others were busy shoveling tamping and levelling ballast...<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2018]

The elevated railway <br>[&copy; Andover MES 2018]

The elevated railway.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2018]

Another view of the elevated railway.<br>[© Simon Mortimer 2018]

Track panel drilling and connecting. The railway must have an excellent quantity surveyor as the ballast in the dumper truck was exactly the right amount to complete the extension. Note participants in short sleeves in the background, it was that warm.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2018]

The last hole is being drilled and the initial ballasting is almost complete. Far right Peter Deacon is building up his strength and gathering his thoughts to write this report.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2018]

Ruston on the VERY recently completed extension; note that the dumper truck is now empty of ballast.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2018]