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Wester Pickston Railway - 4th August 2018

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You've got to hand it to them - these signal heads are a very good idea, two would be better than one though. <br>[&copy; Nick Jones 2018]

Picture of the main station looking in one direction.<br>[&copy; Nick Jones 2018]

Picture of the main station looking in the other direction with our organiser, Simon Mortimer on the platform, is plotting the next moves with one of the volunteers.<br>[&copy; Nick Jones 2018]

Permissive working, all three trains can be (just) seen in this shot. Many miniature railways seem to feature woodlands and very delightful they are too.<br>[&copy; Nick Jones 2018]

The line to the right leads to a new 19 road turntable (we will need to return when they are all complete). Also shows detail of an interesting dual gauge point (made on site).<br>[&copy; Nick Jones 2018]

The end of the new turntable was reached - next time it will be 'spinnage'.<br>[&copy; Nick Jones 2018]

The impressive turntable on the shed/turntable branch.<br>[&copy; Nick Jones 2018]

If they had told us before we went that we would be doing the loading/ unloading ramp I'd have said it was a 'wind up' - well actually it was….<br>[&copy; Nick Jones 2018]

The other main station, Ducks End (one way of deterring ducks - who always prefer Down Roads, incidentally) where all the track and both sidings were covered by our tours.<br>[&copy; Nick Jones 2018]

A very smart carriage shed - fortunately the line was clear to the end.<br>[&copy; Nick Jones 2018]