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AV Dawson II … Let them eat cake! - 21st July 2018

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Seems like a good idea! Forty Foor Rd level crossing with the large Automtotive Steel Terminal in the background. (All pictures in this section by BLS Steward Dickie Irvine - access with permission.)<br>[&copy; Dickie Irvine 2018]

Thanks to Martyn B, track coverage is shown by the Red line

Mileage table

Over the Forty Foot Rd Crossing (staffed by Crossing Keeper Martyn Brailsford) at the end of the line in Ayrton Terminal Warehouse, previously used for steel coils it is now receiving investment.<br>[© Dickie Irvine 2018]

Near Ayrton Warehouse, the view through the Undertrack Unloading Facility.<br>[© Dickie Irvine 2018]

Between Points 11 and 16 along the edge of the yard, coming out of Cobra Terminal before reversing to reach the NR Boundary with the third transporter bridge (Middlesbrough) to feature in this BLN.<br>[&copy; Dickie Irvine 2018]

Crossing Depot Road Level Crossing coming off the the North Sea Supply Base Wharf branch. Martyn Brailsford is on the left facing sideways and Mark Haggas is on the loco balcony.<br>[&copy; Dickie Irvine 2018]

On that branch which is now rarely used.<br>[&copy; Dickie Irvine 2018]

Hold on tight everyone; the crane shunting demonstration is about the begin … at the end of the North Sea Supply Base Wharf, inner track.<br>[&copy; Dickie Irvine 2018]

The highlight of the trip, the Cobra Railfreight Terminal hopper house.<br>[&copy; Dickie Irvine 2018]