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The Beeches Light Railway - 25th August 2018

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The railway<br>[&copy; Andrew Murray 2018]

The drive, running line (with car!) and garage line.<br>[&copy; Andrew Murray 2018]

Green Mail Rail set No37.<br>[&copy; Andrew Murray 2018]

The first 'BLS Special' has loaded and emerges from Shed Line 1 to do some rare track. A Daventry member adds some colour to the picture (thanks Duncan)!<br>[&copy; Andrew Murray 2018]

A fine classic car line up, mostly 'Morgans' (hand made in Malvern) in The Paddock; encircled by the west circuit.<br>[&copy; Andrew Murray 2018]

This could so easily be India rather than remote rural Oxfordshire.<br>[&copy; Andrew Murray 2018]

Some miniature men, your GS, MR Ed and BLN Ed on the platform near the scissors crossover.<br>[&copy; Andrew Murray 2018]

Every railway should have one: The 2008 'Model T' railcar comes with a crank (…..handle).<br>[&copy; Andrew Murray 2018]

On the drive approaching the steepest section of the line, with very little straight track it is easy to go round the bend on this railway!<br>[&copy; Andrew Murray 2018]

Carriage shed/workshop.<br>[&copy; Andrew Murray 2018]