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Kerr's Miniature Railway, Arbroath - 9th October 2020

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West Links station P1 - an extension was once proposed this end (P2 & 3 are to the right).<br>[&copy; Kev Adlam 2020]

The level crossing with the back of the loco shed mid-right, the Abroath (right) to Dundee (left) line is on the embankment.<br>[&copy; Kev Adlam 2020]

The main line is left, then the engine shed and turntable, and right is the carriage shed; the 'other' main line is above, looking towards Dundee.<br>[&copy; Kev Adlam 2020]

Doing one of the turntable lines alongside the carriage shed with people power' - the main line is above, Abroath station to the right.<br>[&copy; Kev Adlam 2020]

At the other (Hospitalfield) end of the line - well there definitely used to be a turntable here somewhere…<br>[&copy; Kev Adlam 2020]