The Branch Line Society


Ffarwelio â Phacer Cymoedd Caerdydd (Cardiff Valleys Pacer Farewell Tour) - 6th October 2019

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Mileage table<br>[© Jim Sellens 2019]

Historical tour map devised and drawn by our member Dave Cromarty.<br>[© Dave Cromarty 2019]

Early morning on Sun 6 Oct 2019 by the west end of Cardiff Canton Depot Carriage Shed (Road 11 just behind).<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

The tour train receives attention in Road 18, right is Road 19 and further right (out of view) Road 20 which are both for DMU fuelling.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

The tour window decal was designed by Amy Nash.<br>[© Amy Nash 2019]

The other end of our tour train on Cardiff Canton Road 18 with the two fuel roads now on the left.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

On Canton Road 18 (again); front left that great haulage man Ian (Selby) Loveday is overjoyed at finally having his last required Pacer.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

On the real Taff Vale Siding at the west end of Canton Depot (shown as 'HST Spur' in TRACKmaps 3 p21 Jun 2018) looking east.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

Treherbert (platform ahead left) headshunt beyond the station; the MOM secures the points to access the sidings (right) note the trap points.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

Treherbert DMU Siding No1; the station is at a lower level behind our tour train (right) and the headshunt is straight ahead.

Treherbert carriage sidings looking towards the end of line with the station platform on the right of the tour train.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 20

View towards the end of line from the sidings outlet road.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

The end of line at Treherbert which until 1968 continued through the nearly two mile long Rhondda Tunnel and round to Maesteg.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

A sea of orange at Bargoed in the evening; David Clark (our Society Publicity Officer and TfW Senior Train Planner) is the slim one far left.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

Our driver 'Archie' changing ends for the reversal at Ystrad Mynach P2 to do the trailing crossover and the lengthy Down Rhymney loop.<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

In far from ideal lighting, local member and previous Wales BLN Regional Editor, the late Paul Jeffries (far left) was very proud to represent the Society at the presentation of £12,734 to the British Heart Foundation at Cardiff Central on 6 Nov 2019 following our railtour. (BHF.)<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

Sun 24 Jun 1984, a Society ECS trip in Rhymney headshunt north of the station. The 33 members were all in the front coach for some reason. Nigel Eacock is at the second window.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 1984]

Treherbert the same day (on 4 Aug 2012 this line was shortened by 15ch). Note miniature headboard; the organiser, our Chairman John Williamson, is left in a high viz vest.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 1984]

20 Feb 1977; Railway Pictorial Publications Western Requiem returning to Treherbert station from the headshunt after running round (the loop, behind the train, was also taken out of use 4 Aug 2012). The photographer had not realised that passengers could stay on for the run-round, but made up for it on 24 Jun 1984! In case you were wondering, the Western failed at Cardiff.<br>[© Ian Mortimer 1977]