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The Kernow Funicular - 23rd October 2019

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Headcode simplifier for the lift run<br>[&copy; Mark Thomas 2019]

An intense discussion is taking place on the balcony about the criteria to properly 'do' the lifeboat launch slip (available bidirectionally).<br>[&copy; Mark Thomas 2019]

Padstow, 2ft gauge railway,<br>[© Mark Thomas 2019]

Padstow cheque presentation.<br>[© Mark Thomas 2019]

Padstow Lifeboat Station, completed in 2006.<br>[© Mark Thomas 2019]

A random headcode..<br>[© Mark Thomas 2019]

The Lizard, mainland Britain's most southerly railway and mixed gauge too. View from the car/cage from half way up (or down depending on your point of view).<br>[© Mark Thomas 2019]

The Lizard Lifeboat station, completed in 2012.<br>[© Mark Thomas 2019]

The Lizard cheque presentation.<br>[© Mark Thomas 2019]

The GS is caged up.<br>[© Mark Thomas 2019]

Arriving at Prospidnick Halt from the north along the Helston branch trackbed.<br>[© Mark Thomas 2019]

The current southern terminuses at Truthall Halt (honestly) - looking north, note access path off to the right. The future prospisnicks for this friendly line are good.<br>[© Mark Thomas 2019]