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South Hampshire Minor Railways - Day 2 - The Hayling Taxi - 22nd September 2019

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Southamptom MES, leaving the inner loop behind 'Vulcan'. The connecting line from the centre sidings, turntable and shed runs though the (temporary) gap in the elevated line behind. The River Itchen is top left.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

Propelling back over the connection to the headshunt (in the distance) for the shed, turntable and steaming bays.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

Returning from the end of the headshunt (top left); the elevated line loops round far right.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

The turntable road and steaming bay coverage exercise begin. Your BLN Editor is quite happy to be pushed around!<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

The station footbridge is in the background.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

The Car Park loading line was traversed to limit of the extendable bridge section...<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

Ready to depart from the station for two circuits of the 5" gauge elevated line.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

'People Power' and a Gricycle made for one - perfect for finishing those awkward little bits off. Top right is the elevated line shed with the station and footbridge behind.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

BLS obstacle course - you need to be fit to go on a Society Minor Railway visit… Our organiser, Bill Davis, clambers out over the train in the shed after sitting at the rear on the final move in.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

Hayling Railway the curtailed western end Beachlands station which used to be a bit further on. The points are set and locked for the run round loop. The lines off right once went to the shed etc.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

Eastoke Corner station looking east to the end of line with Bob Haddock the current owner.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

View forward propelling down Road 3. 'Alan B' (left) later drew us out in the stock on Road 4.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]

THE END! No historic running in boards were damaged in the course of reaching the end of line.<br>[&copy; Simon Mortimer 2019]