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The South Gosforth Avoider, - 24th February 2019

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South Gosforth Avoider historical map<br>[© Dave Cromarty 2019]

South Gosforth Avoider marked up updated track plan with Howdon Depot and the old/new South Shields stops<br>[&copy; Martyn Brailsford 2019]

Window decal. The decals are produced for our principal tours, extra copies are sold in aid of the good cause and quite a few members now collector them.<br>[&copy; Amy Nash 2019]

Early morning at Tynemouth Coal Depot - the former passenger terminus platform remains are upper centre, straight ahead. <br>[© Ian Mortimer 1979]

A rather grubby 31406 turned up with loaded coal wagons from Tyne Yard to shunt the sidings. <br>[© Ian Mortimer 1979]

1:25,000 map (1953). Tynemouth (1882) through station is top right - now the Metro stop. The previous passenger terminus, latterly a coal depot, is below it indicated by the bright green spot. North Shields station (now the Metro stop) is bottom left, the former coal depot here is indicated by the pink spot - this is now the T&W Metro Hylton Street Permanent Way Depot (non-electrified).

The Tynemouth Coal Depot (behind the photographer) branch connection with a Newcastle to Newcastle DMU (anticlockwise) on the curve between North Shields and Tynemouth (to the right) stations. The substantial overbridge on the right carries the main road shown on the map. <br>[© Ian Mortimer 1979]

As well as shunting Tynemouth Coal Depot the Class 31 took your now Treasurer and Editor into North Shields Coal Depot (ABOVE). This had never been a passenger station, but was still interesting to do and little did they know that it would become the site of the T&W Metro Hylton Street P'Way Depot. <br>[© Ian Mortimer 1979]

Information is thanks to Jim Sellens.<br>[&copy; Jim Sellens 2019]

1:25,000 map (1951); Longbenton station is far right, South Gosforth bottom middle and West Gosforth (CP 17 Jun 1929) upper left. The depot avoiding line north of the depot building was not a through line at the west end then but there was a through double track curve between the then Gosforth East Jn and West Jn as shown instead.

Our unit at Gosforth Depot before the tour.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb. 2019]

Prototype Tyne & Wear Metro unit 4002 at the temporary platform to the rear of South Gosforth Carriage Sheds during a Metro open day on the 17 Sep 1989.<br>[&copy; Richard Vogel 1989]

A Metro unit in Bagnall's siding on the right, with another unit passing, in the late 1980s.<br>[&copy; Richard Vogel 1989]

Our unit at Gosforth Depot before the tour.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

A selection of Stewards with the T&W Metro staff at Gosforth Depot, some looking at a different camera perhaps?<br>[© Geoff Plumb 2019]

At South Gosforth Metro stop. The Metro Control Centre for operations, signalling, power supply, customer service etc centre is right - the Society had a very interesting visit on 1 May 2015.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

The fog on the Tyne is mine, all mine… The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge above the river.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Not guess the location and a rear cab view rather than wrong line running.<br>[© Authorised Personnel 2019]

The (Sunderland) end of Pelaw No1 Siding..<br>[© Authorised Personnel. 2019]

More fog at Pelaw looking east. Except where specified, all pictures are by our Official Society Photographer Geoff Plumb.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

You don't see this very often! A rare photo of Geoff Plumb, on the left side at the front of our unit; Pelaw No1 Siding, Newcastle end.<br>[© Authorised Personnel. 2019]

Reversing at Haymarket, (note the fixed red) the 'normal' doesn't seem at all bothered.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Haymarket trailing crossover is rather more than just a simple crossover.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Time for another chorus of 'The fog on the Tyne is mine, all mine…'<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Meanwhile on board..<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

Looks familiar? Yes, but this time it's the Newcastle end of Pelaw No2 Siding.<br>[&copy; Authorised Personnel. 2019]

Another remarkable 'selfie' by Geoff Plumb - the end of Bagnall's Siding.<br>[&copy; Authorised Personnel. 2019]

Inside New Bridge Street Tunnel, on the former Quayside Goods Branch (CG 1968), now the headshunt for Stoddart Street Sidings at Manors and the highlight of the tour for many.<br>[&copy; Authorised Personnel. 2019]

The end of St James (P1) run off tunnel; the start of the T&W Metro Carlisle extension.<br>[&copy; Authorised Personnel. 2019]

The tour organiser, Society Committee member, John Cameron, 'cabbing' one of the units. John is also your BLN North West Regional Editor.<br>[&copy; Kev Adlam 2019]

The fine building at Longbenton Metro stop.<br>[&copy; Sir Ian Hughes 2019]

Our tour approaches.<br>[&copy; Sir Ian Hughes 2019]

Rear view of Gosforth Depot Avoiding Line heading away from Longbenton.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

The depot road/pedestrian entrance is over a level crossing midway along the avoiding line.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]

A photo, of a photo, of a photo, on the Depot Avoiding Line.<br>[&copy; Sir Ian Hughes 2019]

T&W Metro Battery Loco No1 at Gosforth saw action after the tour.<br>[&copy; Geoff Plumb 2019]