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Welsh Marches Signal Box Visits - 26th July 2019

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Wooferton Junction, a rear view.<br>[&copy; Peter Humphries 2019]

Wooferton Junction Western Region (WR) style block instruments in wooden cases <br>[© Andrew Gardiner 2019]

The view from Wooferton Junction box, looking towards the Up Goods loop.<br>[&copy; Andrew Gardiner 2019]

Wooferton Junction diagram<br>[&copy; Andrew Gardiner 2019]

Moreton-on-Lugg from the crossing; some participants are on the right.<br>[© Peter Humphries 2019]

Southbound train at Moreton-on-Lugg, the crossover is for the stone terminal branch.<br>[&copy; Andrew Gardiner 2019]

Moreton-on-Lugg crossing and the former station building - CP 9 Jun 1958.<br>[&copy; Peter Humphries 2019]

Moreton-on-Lugg<br>[&copy; Andrew Gardiner 2019]

Moreton-on-Lugg<br>[&copy; Andrew Gardiner 2019]

Moreton-on-Lugg Crossing Controls.<br>[&copy; Andrew Gardiner 2019]