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The BLS Liverpool Saveaway Tracker - 12th June 2019

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Liverpool Saveaway Tracker Iinerary<br>[© Tom Gilby 2019]

Plan by Tom, the letters are for reference only, not official names<br>[© Tom Gilby 2019]

Part of Tom's interesting souvenir ticket<br>[© Tom Gilby 2019]

175001 in P2 on a TfW Chester via Runcorn service with 142079 & 142037 in P1.<br>[© Rob Moorcroft. 2019]

142079 & 142037 in P1.<br>[© Rob Moorcroft. 2019]

Left to right 319381 in P5, 319362 in P6 and 323223 in P7.<br>[© Rob Moorcroft. 2019]

185141 in P1, note how far this platform has been extended. The picture also shows why the former P1 (left) could not easily be extended and how retaining it would have shortened the effective useable part of new P1. Although the former P1 is now trackless the platform is now a staff walkway.<br>[© Rob Moorcroft. 2019]

350374 in Lime Street P10 before its 4¼ hour trip to Euston.<br>[© Rob Moorcroft. 2019]