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A showcase of recent Society events. More details can be found in the Fixture Reports section.

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The Marching Crompton railtour ready to leave Crewe on 27 August 2018 [© Geoff Plumb 2018]

68026 on our Cat & Dock tour (15th June 2017) on the Ormskirk branch.[© Mike Birtles 2017]

A run past on the impressive 'Ten Arch' stone viaduct in the suburbs of Amman during our Jordan tour 10th to 15th May 2017. [© Iain Scotchman 2017]

A highlight of our Vallum Hadriani Tracker railtour on 7th May 2017 was traversing the very rare 'Hexham Middle Road' beneath the C1896 Grade II listed elevated NER box. [© Geoff Plumb 2017]

On 6th May 2017, during one of our many extensive tours round Scunthorpe Steel Works, hot metal torpedoes are waiting to be tipped. [© Chris Zeimer 2017]

47580 stands at Llandudno platform 3 during our Y Triongl Gogledd Cymru railtour on Saturday 22nd April 2017. 47270 'Swift' is out of sight on the rear of the train. [© Geoff Plumb]

As well as railtours and visits to preserved lines and signal boxes, we organise walks exploring the remnants and trackbeds of disused railways. This was our Leek to Rushton Spencer trackbed walk on Wednesday 14th June 2017. [© John Cameron 2017]

On 9th April 2017, Chiltern Railway's 121034 stands in Bicester MoD Goods Loop on our Bubble and Squeak Tracker railtour. [© Geoff Plumb]

On 18th March 2017 starting from Kings Cross, our Bound for Craigy railtour HST set was hauled through Bounds Green and Craigentinny depots by their resident class 08s. [© Geoff Plumb]

On 12th March 2017 at Brighton, 73202 couples up to 442402 ready to depart for a trip through Lovers Walk Depot on our Southern Class 442 Farewell railtour.

455732 & 455870 arriving at Waterloo P19 to form the stock for our Vossloh Voyager rail tour on 14th January 2017 [© Geoff Plumb 2017]

On 20th November 2016, we visted the Penrhyn Quarry Railway. The stock normally stabled on our 'loading line' has been temporarily displaced (left) to make way for us. [© Ian Mortimer]

Old and new at Bispham during the Society's 'Fisherman's Friend' visit to Blackpool on 19th November 2016. [© Stuart Hicks]

Blake Hall station during our Epping Ongar Railway visit on 4th November 2016 - an unusual place for a photo stop which is not open to the public. The Society specialises in the unusual! [© Ian Mortimer]

The Society is renowned for getting to the end of the line! This was on our visit to the Goodluck Mine (in the Peak District) on 23rd October 2016. [© Duncan Finch 2016]

The unusual is a speciality of the Society - running into the normally-disused depot headshunt on one of our vists to Crich Tramway Village on 23rd October 2016. [© Simon Mortimer 2016]

As well as reaching the end of the line at Rugeley Power Station (above), the Cliffe Hopper on 7th October 2016 also reached the end of the line on the Cliffe Vale branch. [© Geoff Plumb]

The Ketton Osprey was an extensive tour of the rail infrastructure at Ketton Cement Works, using two brake vans hauled by 08580 and 08375.[© Kev Adlam 2018]

Class 08 haulage often features in the Society's fixtures. Here 08903 and 08743 provide the traction on the Wensleydale Wilton Shunter Spectacular on 25th September 2016. [© Alan Sheppard]

The Society regularly organises visits to signal boxes up and down the country, such as the unique Grade II listed box at Knaresborough visited on 20th August 2016. [© Nick Garnham 2016]

The end of the line reached yet again - this time at the new Banbury Road Stone Terminal east-end headshunt on the Wycombe Wanderer railtour on 13th August 2016. [© Geoff Plumb 2017]

Cleethorpes Carriage Wash Siding end of line on the TPE Class 170 Farewell Tracker railtour on Sunday 3rd July 2016. [Photo taken by the driver © Geoff Plumb 2017]

68023 'Achilles' looking extremely smart prior to the Achilles Heel Trekker railtour on 23rd June 2016, one of many BLS collaborations with DRS. [© Reproduced with permission]

The BLS Central/Northern Finland freight line railtour pauses at Kaskinen in April 2018[© Iain Scotchman 2018]

An unusual fixture (but still involving rare track!) was when the Society was asked to assist Chiltern Railways in an Emergency Train Evacuation exercise on 10th April 2016. [© Jim Sellens 2016]

Organised visits to preserved lines feature prominently in the Society's fixtures. 55001 is at the end of the coaling line on the Bury Bubble II charter (ELR) on 2nd April 2016. [© Kev Adlam]

37706 at Cleethorpes platform 3 with our EDF Tracker railtour on 23rd January 2016 with 47786 on the rear of the train out of sight; one of a number of collaborations with West Coast Railways.

CHD's Peckett on freight during our visit to Chatham Historic Dockyard on Saturday 6th July 2013. [© Jim Sellens 2013]

Tram no.69 at the doors of the former Pacific Road depot during our visit to the Merseyside Tram Preservation Society on the Wirral on Saturday 6th February 2016. [© Howard Everitt 2016]

142004 and 142001 passing Greenfield on the Northern Tracker railtour on Sunday 6th March 2016. Northern Rail is just one of the growing number of TOCs that we work with. [© Russ Clarke 2016]