The Branch Line Society


Barrow Hill Roundhouse Roundabout
Sunday 14th September 2014

Martyn Brailsford's circular in BLN struck a chord with six members who came round via circuitous routes and turned up on the afternoon of 14th September. This was for a revolutionary BLS tour revolving around traversal of 16 of the 24 turntable roads to their extremity and two halfway. It was noticed that the lines extending to the corners of the roundhouse (3, 9, 15 & 21) were significantly longer than those to the sides (6 & 18). The start was delayed by a couple of hours during which the party was entertained watching the turntable being rebuilt, including much lifting, ladder work and welding, after it had been dismantled for a concert there the previous evening. The time also provided the opportunity to ensure that roads were cleared of movable obstructions! The concert was the reason this unusual and unique opportunity came around as so many lines had to be cleared of engines. Eventually the group went for a spin and the first road (No.1) was half traversed in the cab of 03066 before moving onto a lightweight four-seated PW motorised trolley to do roads 7 to 24 inclusive in rotation except No.10 and half of No.21. Thus members had a merry go round the turntable.The trolley only had forward gears so was man-powered back (as was the turntable since its power supply was not yet restored). To round off this report it is good to report that no member became dizzy during the fixture.

A big 'thank you' to Martyn and all at Barrow Hill Roundhouse (which didn't actually have revolving doors) for a great circular tour which demonstrated that one good turn definitely deserves another!