The Branch Line Society


Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
Thursday 30th January 2014

Huge thanks are recorded to all the volunteers at the K&WVR for making our Society trip so special, and such a fantastic start to the year. We donated over £1000 to the KWVR, Vintage Carriages Trust (VCT) and Bahamas Locomotive Society.

Using railbus 79964, the party travelled a remarkable 30m 29ch and also 17ch hauled by bonus traction in the form of Class 20 20031. Participants could spot the entire vehicle fleet on site, we were treated to the most outstanding catering facilities with complimentary tea or coffee on arrival and probably the best lunch the General Secretary has ever enjoyed on a preserved railway with extra mince pies throughout the day - massive thanks are extended to the KWVR catering team. Our private charter started at Oxenhope and ran normal route to pick up at Keighley, before completing all the available lines at Ingrow including running inside No 2 road of the VCT Museum where we were able to alight and examine the exhibits. Next was Oakworth where both sidings were covered and a run up to the Goods Shed doors was thrown in for completeness. Then it was to Oxenhope, where lunch was provided in a static steam heated MK1 coach after completing the station run round loop and reaching the very end of line. The moves at Oxenhope were complex to say the least but gave us full coverage right inside Museum Road 3 after a very long shunt manoeuvre, the Non-River Road Running Shed to the buffers, the front of River Road Running Shed, the start of the Back River Road, front of C&W Road 1 and the headshunt to the buffers! The Class 20 even piloted the railbus for a short distance. Once complete, Keighley beckoned again and all available lines were covered including the headshunt, to the Network Rail boundary and an anticlockwise 360 degree rotation on the turntable! See:

We proceeded to Haworth, entering the loop from the Oxenhope (south) end before using every depot road to some extent except the Awning Road. The railbus ran inside the building on No 3 Road and participants could alight to view items on site. It was getting dark and after exiting the loop from the Keighley (north) end we ran there to set down, finally returning to Oxenhope to terminate. It is planned to repeat the fixture on a weekday in late January 2015.