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Markeaton Park Light Railway, Saturday 4th May 2013

Twenty-one members and three non-members journeyed to Derby to participate in the 15 inch gauge Markeaton Park Light Railway 'all available lines' charter on Saturday 4th May 2013, and they were not disappointed!

Using 'Baby Deltic' D5905 (displaying the BLS mini headboard) and two blue and cream coaches from the Fairbourne Railway, the charter (2B98) started at Markeaton station and completed roads 1 and 3 in the shed in full, whilst completing road 2 as far as the stabled Exmoor coaches.


[© Kev Adlam 2013]

Next, it travelled through the station to the headshunt and end of line, before completing the station run round loop and then setting off by way of photographic stops to traverse the highly soughtafter passing loop, normally padlocked out of use and not used since the Society's previous charter here in 2012.

[© Kev Adlam 2013]

Proceeding on to Mundy Halt, it arrived at the station and allowed participants to take refreshments whilst the locomotive ran round, before reversing in to the head shunt and completing the run round loop. Completing the normal side of the loop at the passing point, a lively run back to Markeaton was made, in time for the locomotive to commence the start of public service. Participants however were welcome to use their souvenir ticket for the day and undertake further journeys at their leisure.

[© Jim Sellens 2013]

Thanks are due to John, Matt and Daniel at MPLR for making the event happen, Bert Ellery for the souvenir tickets, Peter Scott and Martyn Brailsford for their track plans, Gary Lonsdale and Steve Best for their stocklists and finally Jim Sellens for the excellent photographs taken for the Society website.

[© Kev Adlam 2013]

[© Kev Adlam 2013]

Click on the image below to download the Markeaton Park Light Railway Stocklist (Excel format)



Sadly, this 15" gauge railway has closed with the last trains running on Sunday 18 September 2016.

Within a few days the track had been lifted from at least the main station, adjacent to the shed. Running through Markeaton Park, in the outskirts of Derby, the line opened on 14 April 1990 - then 500yd in length. It was later extended to a length of 1,300yd - the extension opening on 28 September 1996.

The reason for the closure was given on the railway's Facebook page as 'lease expiring January and funding and other practical issues affecting both parties involved' (Derby City Council and the owners). The previous tenants who used to run it said that the council would not repair the engine shed due to budget cuts. Without the engine shed, they said it could not operate. The Society enjoyed very friendly and comprehensive visits on 4 Aug 2012 and 4 May 2013 (BLN 1185 p199). The 24 September 'Derby Telegraph' reported that the city council is appealing for people to run the railway and local businessman Don Amott has said that he will spend his money to help.

Left: Track (rail) lifting at Markeaton station in late September,
  the shed is on the right. [Kev Adlam]