The Branch Line Society


Middleton Modeller
Thursday 16th June 2016

The day, or rather evening, started at 17:30 with snacks and drinks provided by the helpful and friendly Middleton Railway staff. Duly refuelled and with the railway all to themselves (the public and non-participants excluded), 17 members headed for Moor Road platform and an empty and isolated brake van. Presently it was 'joined' by a Peckett 0-4-0 DM Works No5003 'Austins No1' built 1958. Getaway was at 18.26 towards the M621 tunnel to reverse back to the 'Engine House' museum, waiting briefly for the points to be clipped. Then the tour ran into the left hand (from station end) road up to the sectioned boiler exhibit; well up to the end of line.[below: Kev Adlam]


This was extremely rare choice track, only possible this one day as the museum tracks had been cleared of exhibits (as far as possible) for a model railway event. A double reversal followed to ride over the other (right hand) museum road, also specially cleared, before exiting then re-reversing into Moor Road platform for a loco change to Hudswell-Clarke Diesel Hydraulic 0-4-0 Works NoD631 built 1946. This loco took the party past the trailing branch on the right to the former Dartmouth yard (one day!) and to Park Halt under the M621. The amount of greenery lineside was surprising considering it is only two miles from Leeds city centre, although in the 1970s it was quite different here.

Park Halt was soon reached, much to the surprise and interest of the tame local teens making out there. Members alighted for photos and a leg stretch. A cab ride was kindly provided for all those who needed the end of line and run round loop. Loop traversed, the cab emptied and the brake van re-filled for the run back to Moor Road, thus ending a short but very sweet evening out in Leeds. Thanks to Kev Adlam for the arrangements and the Middleton staff who worked hard moving stock and fittings etc and provided the refreshments.