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South Devon Railway, Friday 21st June 2013

09010 Staverton (Lineside with permission). [© Jim Sellens 2013]

On the afternoon of Friday 21st June, following the Dartmoor visit, 24 members travelled on a private BLS / PLEG charter following the end of public service. Using Class 33 33002 as main train loco with assistance at Buckfastleigh from Class 20 20110, our five coach train headed out from Buckfastleigh and then reversed to compete the run round loop as far as the crossing near the depot. Heading out towards Staverton the charter took in Bishops Bridge Loop, before arriving in the run round loop at Totnes Littlehempston. On the return, a photo stop was taken at Staverton and Class 09 09010 was added to pilot the train home, again and unusually via the loop. Back at Buckfastleigh, participants were also able to enjoy a tour of the sheds and see various projects underway. The total mileage was estimated by member Jim Sellens at 14 chains (20110), 3 miles 48 chains (09010) and 13 miles 31 chains (33002). Many thanks are recorded here to all the staff and volunteers at the South Devon Railway for this excellent fixture, and members of the Society who assisted with supporting materials as usual.

33002 Buckfastleigh.

South Devon Railway - completed track