The Branch Line Society


Exeter & Teign Valley Railway, Sunday 23rd June 2013

WKM 2831. [© Kev Adlam 2013]

On Sunday 23rd June with an early start, a BLS special event was held at the wonderful Exeter & Teign Valley Railway. 29 participants enjoyed not only the riding aspects but the wide collection of artefacts and historic material displayed around the former Christow station site. Service was provide by a wide variety of esoteric means including "freewheeling" in a guards van come camping van, industrial diesel VF/DC D98/DC2269, Wickham railcar 2831, Track Recording Car DX90011 and site owner himself Colin Burges who pushed passenger vehicle "Jenny Wren" along the 2ft gauge infrastructure. The mileage was estimated by member Jim Sellens at 2 chains in the guards van, 4 chains with the industrial diesel, 4 chains in the track recording car, 7 chains in the Wickham and 21 chains on the 2 foot gauge. Huge thanks are due to Colin who made an intense visit very interesting indeed. Additionally, thanks are recorded for the Society members and contributors who provided invaluable information to the participants to aid the enjoyment of their visit.