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Saving railway structures on closed lines

#586 Posted on: 29 December 2020 at 08:54 by Paul StewartType: Public

Please look at this petition and, if you agree, sign and pass it on/publicise it to as many people as possible.

It supports the lead article on the front page of BLN 1367 and also page 15 of the latest issue (Winter, No168) of Railway Ramblings from Railway ramblers.

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   ~ Saving railway structures on closed lines

#608 Posted on: 19 January 2021 at 11:58 by Chris ParkerType: Member

The HRE Group which started the petition on this subject, which following a press release now has about 5,700 signatures and also now features as the lead item of BLN 1368, has asked for help in compiling an investigation and inventory into all of the 134 or so bridges/structures on the "death list". Each is to be given a score between 0-3, to ascertain its potential reuse for future transport corridors, be it cycling, walking, heritage rail or national rail, as follows:

0 - No realistic value at all, the immediate alignment is blocked.

1 - The structure has no obvious value but alignment to both sides remains clear.

2 - The structure has potential perhaps being close to the end of a heritage line or there have been expressions of interest within the community for a greenway, but nothing has been formally proposed or is developing.

3 - The structure has a proposal for reuse on either a reopened national rail/heritage line or greenway for walking and cycling.

The Group has compiled as much detail as it can but is always in need of some more UK wide intelligence of proposed and planned cycle and walking paths around the country that are going to be affected by the proposed infilling and demolition of these structures which are featured on the map at and listed on pages 14 - 17 of the Information Document dated 9.1.2021 posted in the Archive section of this website. If you can provide info on any of them, please e-mail Matt Skidmore on or phone/text him on 07553 052183.

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