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Brockenhurst P4 connections available

#558 Posted on: 14 October 2020 at 19:40 by Tim WallisType: Public

There appears to be a problem with P3 @ Brockenhurst since around 17.15 today (Wed) and services to Bomo are either using P4 (the Lymington branch shuttle platform) or P1.
X/c seem to be best bet for P4.

No gen on how long might last.


#555 Posted on: 27 September 2020 at 12:43 by Mark HaggasType: Public

Kerr's Miniature Railway - Friday 9th October 2020

Update 27/09/20 @ 12:30: We are pleased to announce this fixture is now open to non-members.

Please view the Fixtures page for more information and to book.


#554 Posted on: 24 September 2020 at 20:23 by Mark HaggasType: Public

The Gronk Chaser - Saturday 26th September 2020

Update 24/09/20 @ 22:30: Due to a loco requiring repair on a commercial contract, 08730 has today left Chasewater Railway. However, with thanks to RSS, Saturdays event will still go ahead using 08939 instead.

Please view the Fixtures page for more information and to book.


#551 Posted on: 17 September 2020 at 19:53 by Mark HaggasType: Public

The Gronk Chaser - Saturday 26th September 2020

A fantastic opportunity has been secured at short notice. The Chasewater Railway are pleased to announce that 08730 will be hauling passenger rolling stock along their branch line with resident 08359.

Please view the Fixtures page for more information and to book.

Update 17/09/20 @ 22:00: We had some technical issues with the booking system between 20:43 and 21:22 which prevented people booking. The issue was resolved and bookings have resumed. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Some of the confirmation emails may not have been sent out as a result of this but your booking has still been recorded if you received the WorldPay email.

Update 17/09/20 @ 23:00: Due to high demand we have been able to secure a fourth run at 15.00. Bookings for this trip are now open.

Update 18/09/20 @ 22:00: Due to even higher demand we have been able to secure a fifth run at 16.30. Bookings for this trip are now open.

Update 21/09/20 @ 09:00: We are aiming to send out the e-tickets on Tuesday/Wednesday. Just waiting on some final details.


#528 Posted on: 10 August 2020 at 22:27 by Mark HaggasType: Public

The Boaty McBoatface II - Sunday 23rd August 2020

It is with regret, as a result of the Greater Manchester local lockdown measures and at the request of the operator, that we must defer our planned visit to Ashton Moss Boat Company.

Subject to the local lockdown measures being lifted, it is planned to operate the fixture in September, on a date yet to be agreed.

For those who have already booked: At this stage we will retain the payment you have made and hold your booking on your behalf. Once announced, if the new date is not convenient for you, then please contact the Bookings Officer to arrange a full refund. At this stage, no further action is required.

Please accept our apologies for this necessary change of date.


#519 Posted on: 14 July 2020 at 21:54 by Mark HaggasType: Public

The Boaty McBoatface II - Sunday 23rd August 2020

By special arrangement, we will repeat our visit from January to cover as much track as safely possible, with cab rides and by 4-wheel carriage.

Please view the Fixtures page for more information and to book.

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Society Committee and Branch Line News Contact Details

#477 Posted on: 18 April 2020 at 13:23 by Paul StewartType: Public

Full up to date contact details for all the Committee and BLN production and distribution team etc are in e-BLN & paper BLN 1350 this week. They are also available as a PDF downloadable from our website 'archive' or (until BLN 1351 is released) from the 'BLN' section of our website. With apologies, the initial PDF released was the wrong one but has now been updated. Please always use the GENERIC email addresses to aid email redirection when necessary.


#474 Posted on: 02 April 2020 at 19:07 by Mark GommType: Public

I have been informed by our treasurer that Worldpay, our card payment provider, have told us that they are currently having problems with their system.
Because of this, although all your refunds have been processed by me, some of them may be delayed in reaching your cards. This is out of our control and I apologise. Hopefully they will sort it out soon. This should only be affecting refunds from Return of Jurassic Crompton, Jolly Vacman and Niedersachsen Explorer

Electronic Branch Line News & Membership Renewals

#472 Posted on: 31 March 2020 at 19:39 by Paul StewartType: Public

A reminder that e-BLN is now available on our website on the FRIDAY evening before it is dated rather than the Thursday as previously - this week on 3rd April for e-BLN 1349.

Annual membership renewals can be made after 1st April and are due by 1st May please. There has been no increase for the 4th consecutive year. Thank you.

COVID-19 Update 10th April 2020

#453 Posted on: 17 March 2020 at 12:20 by Mark HaggasType: Public

In light of the recent announcement from the UK Government, and as a responsible Society, we have taken the decision to defer a number of our upcoming events. We place the health and wellbeing of our members, volunteers, partners and suppliers first. We take the current situation regarding the COVID-19 virus very seriously. The situation has recently become more serious and widespread and is expected to significantly increase over coming weeks.

At this stage we are deferring the following events:

• 21st March Kernow Spring Funiculars
• 22nd March North Cornwall Miniature Railway All Liner:
• 2nd April North Stafford Jn – Stoke Jn Signal Box visits
• 18th April The BRCW Bunny railtour
• 19th April The Hot Cross Crompton railtour
• 23rd April The Jurassic Crompton railtour:
• 25th April The Andrew Wilson (Brillo) Memorial Charter:
• 25th April The East Kent Rods
• 26th April The return of the Jurassic Crompton railtour
• 30th April to 3rd May Island of Ireland V weekend
• 25th May The Jolly Vacman railtour
• 21st May to 31st May Northern Sweden railtour
• 3rd June Frances Bardsley Academy Railway
• 3rd June to 5th June Tom's Comprehensive Kent Connector
• 26th June to 28th June The Niedersachsen Explorer
• 14th August to 16th August Southern Norway railtour
• 15th August Wotton Light Railway

Every participant will receive an email confirming these changes. All refunds to those who paid by electronic means have now been completed. Cheques to follow.

A decision regarding events due to operate after 15th August will be made in due course in consultation with our partners as the situation develops. We will, of course, keep our members updated, and ensure that everyone’s good health is at the heart of our decision making. We apologise for the disappointment and inconvenience this will cause, and trust our members understand our decision in these unusual circumstances.

Please accept our wishes for your good health and all those close to you.

Kev Adlam
Fixtures Secretary
Branch Line Society

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