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Cold Steel Tracker - 6th January 2018

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Our 6 Jan Cold Steel Tracker, unusually complete with headboard, at the AFRPS shed.<br>[&copy; Kev Adlam 2018]

Winn's Sidings, the two (empty) Iron Roads are left. In the sky is a once common industrial sight, as a load of heated coal is 'quenched' with water creating a vast plume of steam at the Appleby Coke Ovens. At some locations this was so regular you could set you watch by it!<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]

Trent Sidings Line 9.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]

Trent Sidings Line 5, (Line 1 is to the left) the blue wagons, stabled for the weekend, to the right are new ones used for the recently commenced flow of inert waste from Manchester Collyhurst Street (Miles Platting) to Roxby.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]

Mills Exchange Sidings with Points 482 middle right, a highlight for many as Loco 820 is about to couple up to our tour train. There is no one in the cab; the driver/shunter is on the front lower step driving by radio control from his portable consul. The Foreign Ore Branch was operating and runs left to right on the embankment behind. The line off middle left is a short siding that used be a through run past the closed Bloom & Billet Mill and Soakers joining the Permanent Way Depot headshunt.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]

Our BLS Scunthorpe route director, member Alan Sheppard, directs the train to test the buffer stops of the Dead End Road at the Scrap Bay (which is the semi-open building on the left). The next line across to the left is 'East Bank' that was covered to the stabled wagons in the background.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]

Our Scunthorpe Cold Steel Tracker at the end of Torpedo Repair Bay Road 1.<br>[&copy; Kev Adlam 2018]

Participants went 'round the bend' on Queen's Approach beyond Points 115, it ends beneath Queen Victoria (a blast furnace). To reach the very end would require a hot metal suit and other protective gear. Queen Anne blast furnace is to the left (Bess and Mary are the other two).<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]

Arnold Machin at the AFRPS Depot on 27 Nov 2011.<br>[&copy; Jim Sellens 2011]

The Concast building is the open one (ahead left); the BOS plant is to the right.<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]

The Heavy Repair Bay area seen from the higher level CEW Dock Bay access line (Basic Hill).<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]

Very welcome portable heating is about to pass the tour - two 'torpedoes' carrying hot metal from the blast furnaces approaching on the BOS Plant approach roads (very appropriately).<br>[&copy; Chris Ziemer 2018]