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Railway Rights of Way

Disclaimers, etc.

Neither the Branch Line Society, nor the compiler of this publication, Rhys Ab Elis, Ysw., can accept any responsibility for any errors and omissions in this publication, although every effort has been made to ensure it is as accurate as available resources permit. The compiler would welcome any further contributions as to the information contained herein, in order that this publication can be regularly improved on, also any corrections to the contents. Indeed, the reader will notice a number of question marks at various places in these pages - if a reader is able to clarify any of these points, this would be most helpful.

Neither the Branch line Society, nor the compiler would condone trespassing on private property in pursuit of exploration of disused railways, and this publication should not be used in any circumstances as an authority for so doing. The purpose of this list is to publicise those sections of disused railway to which the public have some right of access, whether as public or as concessionary footpaths or as public highways. In a very few cases, this list has included a few sections of disused railway which are in private ownership, simply for reasons of their exceptional interest. These are clearly noted as such, and in all cases, the express permission of the owner should be obtained before a visit takes place.

The list also includes, for most counties, a supplementary list of ‘Future Proposals’. These are usually schemes ‘in the pipeline’ with the relevant local authority for future conversion of disused railways into either public footpaths or public highways. There will be no right of way at the time of writing over these routes, but numbers of these schemes will no doubt be completed in due course, and locally-based Branch Line Society members could help with the task of keeping this publication up to date by advising of conversion schemes as they are completed and made available to the public; likewise notification of any schemes which have been dropped and have not been proceeded with. There is, after all, no point in including in the list, schemes which are no longer being considered.

Having uttered the necessary qualifications above, all that remains to be said is ‘happy hunting’. There is a great deal to be seen from the list of routes - enough to keep the most active walker going for several years, with now well over 1,000 choices of route, so far, and probably a fair few we have yet to hear about.

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Edition 2.7 - 29 June 2014