The Branch Line Society

Railway Rights of Way

Acknowledgements for information supplied

In addition to the individual contributors and local authorities (listed on their own page), three books have proven a useful starting point in collating this information:-

A. Walking Old Railways, by Christopher Somerville, published by David & Charles in 1979 (tabulated list on pp124 - 140).

B. Railway Walks - Exploring Disused Railways, by Gareth Lovett Jones, published by David & Charles in 1980/1983 (tabulated list on pp279 - 281).

C. A Guide to Routes in the Making. Report by John Grimshaw & Associates published by the Railway Path Project, Bristol & Wem, 1983.

Though some time has now elapsed since the appearance of these works, they remain useful as a reference list and are highly recommended as useful sources of reading on the subject. Book C above differs in that it advocates a substantial number of path conversions especially for cyclists' usage, many of which have since been developed and brought into use.

As noted in the introduction, many individual contributors have provided information for inclusion in the lists, and the compiler takes this opportunity to repeat his thanks to them all for their very substantial contribution to this publication.

Edition 2.12 - 1 Jan 2021